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Why do many people want to import their cars from the States to Canada?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by J1visa, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Haha thanks. Right now I don't know if I will still transfer my car. Somebody is willing to buy it from me. But if not, at least I know what to do already. Thanks :p
  2. where will you be moving to, Bonsai? If it's downtown in one of the big cities like Montreal and Toronto you'll be just fine without a car.
  3. The car that is imported should have been purchased by the new resident before certain time I believe it is about one year or 6 months. Otherwise it would be considered as new car and you will have to pay HST excise etc. I imported the car I owned for 3 years when I landed and I just paid around 500 in total for completing the registration.
    New car prices are high in Canada comparing US. I heard even after paying HST at the border you save a lot of money when you import a car from US.
  4. For anyone else who might be curious, I had asked somewhere (can't remember the specific thread but this seems to have become the goto for cars) about having my name on the title to import one of our vehicles. I just got off the phone with the RIV and indeed, to avoid the over 10K taxing my name would need to be on the document. However, in our case, it seems only to be like 600-800 over, and in which case the tax would be just 30-40$ and likely not worth the fee of $70 for a new title here for us.

    The gentleman did indicate that I was going to have to pay the excess on the A/C though. :(
  5. Selling my US car in Canada

    Hello everyone,

    I have just been approved for the US immigration visa and do not want to drive 30 hours back with my car to resettle down in the States. If I sell my car now in Canada (I drove and imported my car from the US to Canada 6 months ago), do I have to pay for PST/GST or any tax, etc? When I imported my car I did not pay for anything.

    The car is very good if you or someone you know want to buy a car, please drop me a message. Actually, I love this car and do not want to sell it but all of my relatives scare me of long time driving under snow. There is already snow where I am living now, so you know where it is right ;D.
  6. Re: Selling my US car in Canada

    I believe you are in Calgary or up North. If you are in Toronto, PM with details/ info of car !

    Anusha & Chari
  7. Re: Selling my US car in Canada

    If you sell it within one year of the import you would have to pay the import duty.
  8. @anushauc: Sorry my friend, I am not in Toronto, anyone near Alberta/Saskatchewan want to buy a car?
    @ kumbu.bumbu : are you sure I have to pay for import duty?
  9. When you import your goods you are told that you can not sell your property within one year of landing. I don't remember the exact reason or consequence of selling within the year, but I suspect it had to do with import duty.
  10. I asked the officer when he told I cannot sell the car for year why? He told I was allowed to import it duty free since I owned it for a period and importing it for personal use. If I sell sell it I have to pay the duty.

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