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Why do many people want to import their cars from the States to Canada?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by J1visa, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. I am very curious why many people want to import their cars from the States to Canada though they have to drive 48 hours nonstop. Why don't they sell their old car, take a plane to Canada and then buy a new one there? Is the price of cars is more expensive in Canada than that in the US?

    Can I land in Canada and then return to the U.S in the next day (by plane), work in the US for next 7 months and then drive my car to Canada to settle down permanently?
  2. I think for a large number of people, they are not crossing into canada too far from the border but this might not be most people. Selling a car and buying a new one always brings in added expense at a time when moving countries is usually has expenses added to it.

    For some, it allows them to put all their stuff in their car without having to hire movers. For others, it could be a matter of buying tickets for 5 people in the family vs. driving from NYC to the border.
    Cars could be more expensive in Canada but i dont know about this for sure.

    As far as i know, you can land in canada, come back to the US, work for 7 months and the drive you car and settle permanently. I think you need to put your car on a list of stuff that you will bring in later. I don't know what other documentation you will need. Hopefully someone can speak more on this.
  3. Thank you man!

    I forgot one thing. I am a PNP based on a job offer in Canada, can I return to the States next day after landing. For FSW, I am sure it will be fine, but how about PNP. My boss in the U.S forces me to finish the contract with him
  4. oh i dont know about that. I guess FSW with job offers can return but I really dont know about PNP with job offer.
  5. If you are PNP, you have promised that you intend to settle in the province. Can you finish your contract before you land? If not, then you must land and then leave but when you come back, surely you will come back to your province and attempt to settle there as promised :)
  6. of course mate. I have a good job in that province. But does CIC or the province will cancel my visa?
  7. The cheapest car to own is the one already in your driveway and you don't have to pay any taxes and fees to import the car you already own when you land as a PR.
  8. Once you land, you become PR. There is no visa anymore. To my knowledge they have not cancelled anybodys PR who got it through PNP and left again but technically they could try. If the PNP thought that you had lied on your application when you said you intend to live in the province, they could give you trouble with CIC. Like I said, I haven't heard of it happening but its' a possibility which is why I always tell people who get PR through PNP to at least attempt to settle. In your case, you have a prior contract that you need to finish. I would think they would understand that.
  9. Hi Leon,

    Thank you very much for your reply. My current contract in the U.S. was signed 7 months after the contract in Canada was signed (in the waiting time for Canadian PR application).

    Do you think it works if I contact them after landing and ask that province for a permission and explain my situation?
  10. If your PR visa is valid long enough, you could just land after your US contract is finished. If not, then go and land, even if you have to leave again but it's up to you if you want to contact them or not. You are not doing anything illegal.
  11. thanks Leon. Could you please answer me about the car? Should I sell my car in the US and then buy a new one in Canada or should I buy a new car in the US and then drive it to Canada. My current car is not good enough for driving 20 hours from my current location to my future location in Canada.
  12. If your car is not good enough to drive 20 hours, then are you going to ship it. What is the cost of shipping your car vs. the cost of buying a new car in Canada (minus what you make with your old car). I heard repairing cars in canada is expensive. not sure if that is true.
  13. It has been shown that car price in Canada is much more expensive than that in the US

    I am considering of selling my old car, buy a new one and then ship or drive it to Canada. It is much cheaper.
  14. Make sure you buy the car before you land and list it on your goods to follow or accompany forms, otherwise you might have to pay taxes. You might have to pay duties on it anyway if it was manufactured outside of North America.
  15. We have two years left on a lease for one of our cars that we would like to take to BC with us (but not sure if we can even do that or perhaps we purchase the car outright before going to CA). Also, our other car is financed...how are people dealing with that? Are insurance rates much higher in Canada than the US?

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