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Why do many people want to import their cars from the States to Canada?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by J1visa, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. It looks like from your link that the excise tax for A/C applies to new purchases made by Canadian residents so I'm guessing that I didn't pay it since new residents are tax exempt. I paid about $204 to the RIV and nothing at all to customs. Hope that helps. Allison
  2. Thanks Allison. I figured that must be the case, but I Wasn't sure. Appreciated.
  3. Oh yes, I was ready to panic because on the RIV website, there are more taxes to pay. I am glad you have summarized what you have paid. I am thinking of paying what is left of my financing because they would not let me transfer my car to Canada if its not fully paid. I think I shall get my clearance letter since I am still here in USA, then get records from my insurance and driving records from Texas department of safety. Then I plan to buy my car because I heard cars in CANADA are way too expensive than in USA is that true? I was checking my model and it was 7K more in Canada.

    Then I will leave my car to my uncle in New Jersey. I plan to go to Canada February so I think I'll hire a company to transfer my car from USA to Canada when its April, no more snow. The modifications are needed only once the car is in Canada right? or do you have to modify before inspection?

    What do you think of my plan? I am losing weight already just stressing how to transfer it haha. My car is 2008 Honda CRv by the way.
  4. You've got a good plan Bonsai. Just be sure to list the vehicle on your B4 "goods to import" form when you land to avoid any taxes and duties.

    Definitely take care of any recalls while you are still in the states. The recall letter you should request just before you plan to import. It's easy (it's getting any recall work done that's a pain), just call Honda USA and ask them to send you one.

    I think paying off the car is also a good idea. I've heard some finance companies will allow the car to be exported, but it just seems easier if you own it outright, plus you won't have any more monthly payments! Just consider paying it off well before you plan to import so the finance company has time to process the paperwork, transfer the title to your name, and send it to you. You'll need the original and copies to export it.

    Yes, the modifications can be done in the US, but you don't have to do them before importing. They must be done to pass Canadian inspections though and you have 2-3 months once the car is in Canada to get that done.

    Don't stress about this stuff now. You've got time to get it all taken care of...just make a list. Do the US stuff now and keep the list for the Canadian part. All the best. Allison
  5. Thanks Allison, you're such a great help!! I will probably spend around 2K for transferring then 3K for tax. Oh well I just hope my car survives Canada, coz it doesn't have heated mirrors haha. :p
  6. mine doesn't either and I don't have a remote start. I actually have to go outside to start my car ; )

    What is this 3K for tax??
  7. NOt tax I guess, but I am calculating what you have paid, around $2000 to $2500 :p
  8. BY the way Allison, the insurance for your car? the $1700, is that for a year? I mean like you can pay that montly? My insurance here is only $545 for 6 months, 90 a month but the I don't have much driving history.
  9. My Sister in Law lives in Ontario and I asked her about it, and she pays $167 a month for a 2 door car. :(
  10. Yes, that is for one year. You can pay all at once, in three payments, or monthly. I went ahead and paid the whole amount. It saved a few bucks...they tack on fees if you make payments. Plus I don't have any income so making monthly payments didn't really make sense to me. The monthly payments would have been about $150.

    My agent said we could get a discount (of like 10%) if my partner also took their insurance. He just hasn't changed over yet. I got a horrendous quote from his insurance company, probably because of his less than stellar driving record, lol.
  11. Hey folks,

    Is there a way to import a car after I already landed?

    My landing will be done in the next 3 weeks , but I can not buy a car until after landing.

    Thanks very much for your responses!
  12. Hi

  13. By the way if we buy a car in US on loan and load is still not fully paid off. Would we be able to take the car to Canada. The payment of the car loan will be arrange via money transfer to the US Bank.

  14. I tried that with my financer, they wouldn't let me transfer a car there. I have to pay it full.
  15. If you want to do that you should first shop for a US lender that will agree in writing to allow you to export the vehicle. Most won't, but I have read on the forum at least one member was able to reach such an agreement with his lender.

    I suppose it is possible for a Canadian lender to make a loan for a US car because lots of Canadians seem to cross the border to buy, but I don't believe that would work for a new PR importing the car as personal "goods."

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