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Why do many people want to import their cars from the States to Canada?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by J1visa, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Hi

    You will have a problem, before you can export them from the US you have to fax the title to the US Customs office at the border where you will cross 72 hours in advance. Or if you don't have clear title a letter from the title holder allowing you to export the car. Most lenders will not give you the letter, since if you default, they have no way of getting their car back.

  2. Some lenders might let you export, but it will take some legwork to find one. Might try one that has operations on both sides of the border.
  3. I just went to Canada Tire for inspections. For federal it is ok to pay them for DLR, but for provincial inspection they charged me $300 for some things what is don't know. Totally it is $510 for my car to be passed their inspection. For wheel alignment they charged me $80 while in the US it is only $30.
  4. Where do you live? It costs me $70 for an alignment here in Buffalo.
  5. I moved from Texas. I just registered my car today. They gave me the Canadian license plate but they didn't give me a Canadian title. So my car now still have a US title with the Exported stamp on it. Is it common for everyone, and is it legal to drive my car in Canada?
  6. Did you end up driving your car or sending it?
    What did you have to change on your at canadian tire to pass the inspection?
    I am trying to figure out if it worth bringing my car to canada. I am not far from texas.
  7. I just did a price comparison for Toyota Sienna LE in both US and Canada and somehow online pricing for Canada was cheaper than US. On the other hand when I compared the delear price for Canada and US for same model Canada was higer as compared to US dealer. Therefore I could not conclude if where the cars are expensive, in the US or Canada.

  8. Yes, I drove my car to Canada. I have paid $204 for federal inspection and $588 for provincial inspection (the fee is about $100 but they said I need to change both tie rob inner and made a wheel alignment for 488 to pass). The car price in Canada is much much more expensive than in the US. However, I was wrong as my US immigration application just approved and PD is current only one week after I moved to Canada and paid all fee for the inspection of my car. Now I am thinking of driving back to Texas to change the status or staying in Canada and attending an interview at Montreal for US green card. What do you think? Can I register my car in the US after I exported it?
  9. Thanks J1visa for your answer. I think I will drive too. How long is the drive ? how much did you spend in gas? I will make sure to check my wheel alignment before I leave the USA. What is the difference between the federal and the provincial inspection? I am sure you can export your car back to the USA you may have to go through a similar process.
  10. I drove in 3 days in daytime only and stayed in the motel (42-44/night) at nighttime as my driving skill is not very good. The federal inspection is for importing your car to Canada and the provincial inspection is to register your car in the province you will live. No car title in Canada, just register and drive. Remember to fill up your car before entering the border as the gas price in Canada is much more expensive, you can save some $. You can check the distance and assume 25miles/gallon, so you will know how much you should pay for gas, I think about $200.
  11. I will also split the journey on several days this way I will have time to rest. I will make sure to feel up the tank before I enter canada to avoid the high cost of gas. So the federal inspection is done when you are entering canada at the border? Do you know anything about the child anchor tether to pass the provincial inspection. Did your car came with one else where did you get it. Is is a must have item to pass the inspection?
    $200 in gas is not bad compared to 2000 to ship the vehicle to canada.
    Thanks again.
  12. I did all federal and provincial inspections at Canadian Tire. They charged me for the child anchor tether to pass, this is for federal inspection, but I don't know they installed it or not since I found that they left the equipment in my trunk. It may be my car already had it and they overcharged. For daytime light system, they just turned the light always on. So I turned it off after I registered my car.
  13. What do you need to change your US driver license to a canadian one? How much is car insurance in alberta?
  14. For car insurance, it depends on where you live, rural, urban, your age, your driving history etc. To cut down on insurance fees, get a statement from your insurance company in the US regarding how long you have been insured with them without an accident. When in Canada, you can visit an insurance broker to get different offers of insurance. Which insurance company is cheapest also depends on your driving history etc.

    These are the requirements to change your license in AB.

  15. Thanks for the info Leon.

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