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Who waiting for PPR after medical done join here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by amansanghera83, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    I've done my medical check on Mar 19. 2014, and the doc confirmed that she sent to Ottawa on Mar 21, and I received RFPR on Mar 24 and paid it the same day.....
    But I'm still waiting for PPR, my online status is still " In Process" since Mar 18....
    I emailed CIC asked whether they received my medical result, but they just replied "Yes, we receviced your medical result"!
    I also ordered GCMS note in mid Apr....
    I've been waiting over a month, and I've no idea what can I do for that but wait....
    It drives me crazy...... :mad:
  2. calm down and be patient....it will come soon
  3. Medical up load 30 April, how long to wait PP request approximately? Thank u guys.

  4. I guess it is strongly individual, nobody knows. It might take just a few days or couple of months....Everybody wants it sooner than later, good luck :)
  5. Got my passport request an hour ago!!! ;D
  6. Impressive!! congratz
  7. Congrats!! :)
  8. med request March 18 , 2014
    med done march 31 for principal applicant , med done april 14 for dependent.
    rprf request march 19 paid next day.
    until now waiting for PPR?
  9. Adding my case here:

    MR received - April 11th, 2014
    ME Done - May 1st, 2014
    PPR - Waiting.
  10. Added my case here.

    MR - Feb 7, 2014
    ME done - Feb 12, 2014
    RPRF/Biodata request - Mar 4, 2014. Paid and sent back on the same day
    In Process date - Feb 26, 2014

    E-CAS status is still "In Process".
  11. Hi All,

    My medical was uploaded on March 29th. I understand that there are many applicants who are waiting for PPR after medical. But one thing that is stressing me out is my ecas status.

    Its been more than 3 weeks my ecas has been updated to Medical received & Decision Made but havent receive PPR. Should I follow up with CIC on this?
  12. MR Email: 30/04/14
    Medicals done: 02/05/14
    Medical Results uploaded: 05/05/14

    Now waiting patiently, not complaining just joining this thread.
    BTW, ECAS is in process and so far hasn't been updated with medicals received status. Hopefully soon :)
  13. We had our medical done last Feb 5,2014 and mt MD uploaded the results last Feb 28,2014.my ecas was still on process..I have not hear anything from them yet.I'm starting to worry.I called CIC but they said the processing time is 13months,we are on our 13th month,my application was recieved last April 25,3013...I am just waiting until this month then we'll see..
  14. Application received April 22,2013

    Medical Request April 19
    PRRF April 9
    Medical done April 19
    Results uploaded on April 27
    Ecas medical results have been received May 1

    still in process and no PPR yet...........let us hope for the best
  15. Hi
    I have done Medical just today on May 6,2014, got request on May 3,2014.
    RPRF done on May 5,2014, waiting for PPR......

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