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What's the best place to live in Canada?

Discussion in 'Housing' started by hmisabpk, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. I tried from the member search section this time. Again its not coming up wit any search result. I suppose he might have either changed his user namr or deleted the profile:(
  2. I would never suggest any new immigrant move to any of the large cities first unless they have a good reliable job. Consider moving to Saskatchewan or Manitoba which have a much cheaper cost of living and affordable housing. Low population density means its much easier to get around and commuting to and from work.

    Canadian winters are crap everywhere so you really have to choose between whether you prefer to be wet, cold or wet and cold.
  3. please,if somebody can help me,where in canada is the best place for living with family
  4. All depends on what your family income will be and what you do to make that income.
  5. For me calgary is a great city for the family lots of playgrounds, parks and super safe been here for more than 5 years
  6. Vancouver Island is nice if you like rain 300 days a year, and are allergic to sunlight ???
  7. Hi, have you found the best place in Canada to live? If not then I would like to suggest one place called Vaughan in Toronto. This is very beautiful place and you can search homes, apartments by hiring Vaughan realtor easily. Try it. Definitely helpful.
  8. Vaughan is expensive. You need to be immigrating with a lot of money to live up there. I think most immigrants would be looking for the cheapest accommodation they can find until they are working.
  9. Hi,

    i think that should be your own house to live in there with your family,


    dear there are alot of cities and you, yourself have to decide where you should go, i would suggest you to stay where your relatives and friends are living,

    that will be cool.

  10. agree
  11. depends on the job type.. look for place which is close to ur work place.. and make sure u doing the permanent job rather than contractual and keep shifting
  12. Vaughan is one of the most beautiful city & for leaving in canada also.
  13. What about Montreal like Weather, Job Market, living cost & education ?

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