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What's the best place to live in Canada?

Discussion in 'Housing' started by hmisabpk, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Canada's best cities to live in
    March 21, 2012 | By Phil Froats (research)
    Climate, home prices and other factors considered in new ranking

    What's the best place to live in Canada?
    MoneySense has ranked 190 Canadian cities and towns in order to find out. As part of our annual Best Places to Live package, we've rated each city in 22 categories to determine which places offer top-notch amenities. Some of those categories include affordable housing, crime rates, unemployment, access to health care and weather.

    Being the best in one category doesn't guarantee a spot near the top; our rankings reward cities that place high in multiple categories. So how does your city stack up? Check out our top cities and find out how your town did.

    * Bing: The best cities to live in the world

    World's most livable cities
    The Economist's World's Most Liveable Cities 2011 (Top 10)
    City Country Rating
    1 Melbourne Australia 97.5
    2 Vienna Austria 97.4
    3 Vancouver Canada 97.3
    4 Toronto Canada 97.2
    5 Calgary Canada 96.6
    6 Sydney Australia 96.1
    7 Helsinki Finland 96.0
    8 Perth Australia 95.9
    9 Adelaide Australia 95.9
    10 Auckland New Zealand 95.7


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  2. Ottawa is one of the best city to live in Canada you can stay in Ottawa with your family & if you don't prefer to Ottawa than wait for others suggestion & lets see what they reply you?
  3. the question for an immigrant is not only where to live, but how to live and survive.
    job is always on top and selection of residence is often followed by job serach.
  4. hi , could u please clarify more about living in ottawa ... cost of living , jobs availability, climate , safest place to stay there ....... etc..

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  6. If you are coming from a warmer climate and dont want to freeze in the winter go to Vancouver or Victoria. If you can't do rain and lots of sunless days go to Ottawa or Montreal. Vancouver is great if you love the outdoors etc very healthy fit city, but very expensive. I love it here.
  7. Any idea how to visit Niagara falls fro toronto any public transport..i am really confused as in our hoe country we either drive own car or use cab(taxi)
    pls advice.
  8. you can take greyhound bus or drive your car to niagara falls from toronto
  9. I like living in Calgary so far. The only downside is the winter Chinooks (weather fronts) change the pressure in the air and give me horrible headaches. It also helps keep it fairly warm in winter AND it's dry so there's usual very little wind chill. It's definitely not the most glamorous city in the world, but overall, it's a good place. Supposedly there's lots of job opportunities too, but that doesn't seem to be helping me!
  10. If you're rich enough the best place to live in Canada is Vancouver.
  11. Mississauga, close to the airport :p
  12. Richmond, close to the airport :p
  13. I have been in calgary for 1 yr and 2 months and have liked it since then....Nice place to live.
  14. The cost of living is fairly high in Ottawa as with most places in Canada but the wages often (hopefully) match up!

    Ottawa has lots of governmental and charity based jobs due to being the capital city- but it is heavily advantageous to be Bilingual in both official languages here- whereas in Western Canada this is still an asset but less of a requirement. There is plenty of work to be had without this of course, and I have not had too much trouble finding work (I only speak English).

    Ottawa is in a valley so the climate can be quite extreme- 4 or 5 months of snow and extreme cold (up to around -40C for several weeks) to very warm summers (approaching 40C at it's peak), but there is the advantage of a beautiful fall (Autumn) season also.

    There are not many unsafe areas in Ottawa and anyway along the central strip of Bank Street is fairly hospitable (but rents vary street to street).

    I've not been out west but I do prefer Ottawa to either Toronto or Montreal as a place to live- it's smaller and feels less city like. I don't have children (yet) but Ottawa has an exceptional amount of green-space and feels more of an outdoors place to me.
  15. I've never had any need for French except when a label is turned backwards at the grocery showing the French side! Unless I wanted to spy on the two French speaking people I've encountered my whole time here. I live in Calgary.

    As an outsider, I've found people from the East/West are very prideful about where they live and tend to look down their noses at the others. Not trying to say this is a negative way, but Canadians in general seem to be rather smug about being Canadian. That's probably because this is a great place to live (and they're tired of the US being the 'only' country in North America. Canada, Mexico? What are those?).

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