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What province should I choose Alberta,Ontario or Quebec?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by manu_pena, Sep 6, 2011.

  2. can any one say about manitoba? is this best for agriculture research jobs?
  3. I grew up in MB and it all I can say its wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to cold. ;D just my 2 cts
  4. no problem ............ what about scope for agri research jobs?
  5. I don't know. But I would contact the University of Manitoba. It may be that agricultural research occurs in Toronto, and not Manitoba at all.

    When you say "no problem" about the cold winters, keep in mind that the summers are short, and the mosquitoes are fierce!! ANd the corner of Portage and Main in Winnipeg is reputed to be the coldest corner in the world when the wind blows.

    I heard one Manitoban say that he was 8 years old before he realized that snow does not fall horizontally (because of the strong winds that blow frequently during the winters). I asked why his parents (immigrants) had chosen Manitoba. He replied that they had gone west to seek their fortunes, did not, and were never to save enough to buy a return ticket. :p
  6. Hey Manu, so where are you now? AB?
  7. Can any body suggest really where to stay finally Alberta or Ontario
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  9. Even with all the rain?

    I went there for a month and soon got tired of that. Mind you the great scenery and excellent skiing and very mild winters....hmmmm

    I wanted to live there near the sister, but wife wanted to live in TO near parents. My Canadian employer had to open the office in TO just for me.
  10. I drove through northern Ontario I can tell that all I was doing was going up for 2 minutes and down for 2 minutes. All pretty flat west of there however.
  11. Good day All.

    Having considered all the inputs from page, I realised that it is best to move to a city where you get a good job or where there is prospect of landing a good job. I just got my PPR and will be landing soon.

    I wish to know the best city for a Mechanical Engineer who specialises in BUILDING SERVICES (HVAC) to get a job without having Licensing issues.
  12. I think you are overestimating the affect of some of the factors you mentioned.

    - For a start. If you are unable to speak french quebec would not a be a smart move at all.
    - Some provinces have higher taxes, but in all honesty, if you are working and earning in a particular province, you income and expenses will be relatable. You also get different benefits driven by different in taxes. Sure the taxes in Nova Scotia are higher but healthcare is completely free. Only have to live there to get the benefit of that. In some of the other provinces taxes may be lower, but you end up paying for the same benefit.
    - Overall cost of living in Halifax is considerably lower than say Toronto. Sure you can earn more money in Toronto but your home will cost you 5 times what it costs you in Halifax. I have a lake view property in Halifax, bought for $200k. The same size home in Toronto would be 1.2mil at least.

    You are also not counting factors that in time may become more important than anything else. Lifestyle. Halifax suburb to city commute 40 minutes peak hours. Toronto 1.5 to 2 hours one way.

    Weather.... If you are not accustomed to cold weather, trust me on this. The weather will soon become the biggest hate and it will overshadow most of your life.

    Counting all of the above, I have been in Canada for nearly 10 years now. I have traveled to all but on province in Canada. I have worked in 5 and there are two cities I would consider. Halifax, Vancouver. If work was a real consideration and ignoring all other factors perhaps Toronto.

    Just thought I would mention.
  13. Vancouver is a complete RIP off along with its bogus traffic

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