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What province should I choose Alberta,Ontario or Quebec?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by manu_pena, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Montreal is very cosmopolitan and bilingual,but french is mostly spoken.some nice places to live if you can afford are Atwater,Sherbrooke,ville St laurent/Cote vertu, etc.Just Google on Kijiji/montreal for housing and emploi Quebec for jobs available, you can have an idea.You freeze in Winter & sometimes very hot in summer.
  2. I though Canadian health care was free anyway.
  3. The pay at McDonalds depends on the city, cost of living, range in wages overall in that city etc. I knew a guy who was working in McD's in Fort McMurray and he was making a few $ more per hour than they were paying in Edmonton. McD's is usually paying a couple of $ more than minimum wage though. The only person I ever heard of in AB making minimum wage was a woman who was starting as a waitress with no experience but she was also getting a lot of tips on the side.

  4. We still pay a premium. When I was living in BC it was 84 dollars for a family a month. I don't know for other provinces.

    In Alberta, it's free since 2009.
  5. But aren't the summers quite short in Alberta?


  6. Varies from year to year. It was horrible last year but this year has been great for us. It's mainly the spring and fall and winter that I don't like in BC coz it's always raining. As I've said I'd rather have snow, -30 and sunny skies in the winter that 9 months of gray skies too depressing for me.
  7. Thanks for all the feedback ! Im pretty much set on AB. Can anyone give me advice as far choosing a city to live in AB, what would be the main differences between Calgary and Edmonton, which city offers more jobs, weather , nightlife , people etc... Thank you. From all the pictures Ive seen Calgary has more like a "big city" vibe but still faraway from the rush and hectic life. Thanks for any inputs.
  8. you do your decision making based on some opinions in this forum? :eek:

    dude - you're really funny...

    BTW: have you ever considered NWT as an alternative province? they have the highest average income...
  9. I dont make my decisions based on the opinions of this forum. But I do take them into consideration, its because of this forum that I was able to retain my PR status based on HnC grounds, so if it hasnt been as helpful for you , well , not my problem. One other thing; the initial post asks in regards to three specific provinces . So I appreciate you input but "dude", youre not helping with your know it all comments.
  10. Noone talked about ONTARIO. How come? I may be late to respond, but let me talk briefly about it.

    • Variety of food, color, culture and ethnicity compared to any other province as it's the most populous province
    • You won't find these many known cities in any other province. Toronto or GTA is obviously the main one. You yet can consider living in London, Ottawa or Kingston. The 3rd line of cities would be: Waterloo-Kitchener, Hamilton, Niagara, Windsor etc. FYI, Toronto is a metropolitan and public transportation is convenient here.
    • Quebec used to borrow money from Ontario, but now Ontario herself is in deficit. Compared to its economical situation, Alberta would be a better choice. Again, you won't find these many odd jobs or something to start with that can be found in Ontario in any other province.
    • Knowing English is good enough
    • New York state is just 2 hr drive from Toronto 8)

    • If you are highly technical and looking for a good job at once, it will be hard to get one in Ontario. Becasue the competition is high, most people want to settle in Ontario and there are more graduates coming out of Ontario than any other province
    • It's not as beautiful as BC or QC. Ontario is mostly plain land with huge lakes
    • Tax is high. When you are living in a big city (i.e. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver), the expense would go higher as well
    • Housing price is going high every day
    • Living expense (food, rent, transportation etc.) would be higher than Quebec, but cheaper than Alberta or Britich Columbia
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  11. Yeahh , I guess it all balances itself out , one may have higher taxes and the others have lower real estat , etc. I dont have a degree yet and wish to continue my studies, so I guess from what Ive read Ontario has a more diverse job offer for someone like me?
  12. The above is mainly disadvantages of southern Ontario. The northern part of Ontario is part of Canadian shield - Hilly area with huge lakes. Housing prices in major cities such as Thunder Bay and Sudbury are not as expensive as the southern part of the province. Living expense probably lower than the south.

    Minnesota is more nearer than New York state 8)
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  13. http://www.thestar.com/news/article/1057724#comments

    Read through the comments comparing Toronto and Calgary.
  14. @manu_pena:
    this forum is great and there a lot knowledgeable people here with great advice. but it has nothing to do whether this forums has been helpful and competent. there're some decisions in life that are fairly complex, subjective and that cannot be answered through a forum nor through a simple pros/cons list. You pretty much remind me of another member whose diary most of us really enjoyed and amused. she had a different but similar approach. in the meantime she returned to her home country. You can read it all here - and frankly you should take the time to read it...


    good luck!
  15. I am 100% agree with Clubcanada !!!
    I choose Vancouver and live here for 15 years. It is exactly for my family and for me!
    I even looking to the future and for a good funeral here.

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