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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Diana-Armenian, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Ok. Actually I just realized mine is called a "nalogovaya knizhka".. which still has the info about where I worked.. how much I made.. how much I paid in tax..
    I guess that is not the same.
    I started to work in 2007 and I never had a real Workbook.. I think it has been cancelled a long time ago..
    Does this mean I do not need to provide it?
  2. I can try to get maybe a reference from the National Employment Agency.
    That won't be a workbook but still a labour record.

    Any thoughts??? :)
  3. Baffiee u should gather as much papers as u can.. And all must be translated and notarized and all the pages :))
    Good luck !
  4. Although this is not the correct forum, but I had a question about obtaining a temporary resident visa for individuals with Russian passports. One of the requirements is to obtain a reference letter from your workplace. Although it doesn't state it anywhere, I assume it should be written in English or is it in Russian, then signed, then translated and notarized before being sent to Warsaw? The TRV instructions are not very detailed, nor are they very helpful on the phone. Anyone gone through the process before? Thanks very much in advance.
  5. Hello,

    Can I apply outland PR online or by post while still being in Canada or do I need to come to Poland (I am myself from Lithuania) to apply from their office.
    I just wonder can everything will be done online and it would save me one trip to Europe? I understand I would need to come back and re enter with my new status.
    Also, if I need to come back to Poland, can I return to Canada as a visitor and wait for the decision here? I have visitor status in Canada.
  6. You may send everything from Canada, anyway you are sending it to Missisagua office and they send it to Warsaw after accepting your partner as a sponsor.
  7. My wife has always gotten letters from her employer in Russian (they wouldn't provide them in English), then had them notarized and translated.
    I think TRVs still go through Moscow, but I could be wrong. We have no plans to apply for a TRV, given she's been refused 4 times. It would just be a waste of money. Given the state of the ruble, I need to keep as much as possible!
  8. Wow, refused 4 times!!? I'm trying to help family members apply for their TRV and come for a 1 week visit for our wedding this summer. If they get refused, that would be a disaster. Luckily I have not purchased their flights yet. Wouldn't be able to get a refund if that were the case.
  9. Though I am not holding Russian passport, I was asked for reference letter from workplace. It was in English and not notarized. But if they give u in Russian u will have to translate and notarized.. TRV is through Moscow. And I was refused THREE TIMES. :))))
  10. So what do you do when you are refused, just keep applying right away and paying $100 each time?? Sorry, wish I was more up to speed on the process for TRVs...
  11. They requested me through email to redo the medical after recieving my passport copies,,It was expired few days ago,,,Will it take a long time to get the visa? :eek:
  12. GMG I will just correct u.. ur visa was expired on the 3rd of February 2015.. u will get it very soon.. don't worry
  13. Oh,,tnx Dians,I just corrected it))
  14. I kept applying but each time I was gathering new documents and stronger ties to my country.. But anyway I was refused and I gave up :))

    And did u get ur passport request or still waiting?
  15. "In Process" finally! Checked my ecas and her application has been in process since Feb 5th. Now I expect medical redo and passport, or interview request.

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