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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Diana-Armenian, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. They have only asked for copies of the entire passport. It is not a requirement to provide your passport for countries who are Visa exempt (i.e., Estonia). So I don't expect that they will ask for the physical passport. But still no change in status (still showing application received!!). Ugh...almost a month now...waiting...
  2. This is what I found on the website...

    Request for passport

    Applicants from visa-exempt countries

    The ‘Passport Request’ letter instructs the applicant on how to send a photocopy of the bio data page of their passport and, if applicable, the bio data page of the passports of their accompanying spouse and dependent children.

    Applicants from visa-required countries

    The ‘Passport Request’ letter instructs the applicant on how to send their valid passport and, if applicable, the valid passports of their accompanying spouse and dependent children.

    Permanent resident visas cannot be affixed to diplomatic, official or military passports.
  3. We r visa-required..Then if we r visa-required countries why they requested to send them the copies of the passport.They should have requested the original passports only,,Don't know.....
  4. What is the meaning first copies of all the pages then passport??in the e mail it is said--U r requested to provide a copy of all pages of ur passport.....there must be at least two blank pages in ur passport....blah blah blah,,,if we will be requested the passports then,,,why is this e mail ??oh I hope they won't request passports after this,,ugh ??? It will take another time ???
  5. By the way,thank u for information,Onemoretime)))
  6. No problem. I know what you mean about it taking more time. I too hope they don't ask for passport later!! What a duplication in process if that were the case. I am probably just ignorantly thinking that they want to make sure there are pages available and then will issue some type of letter and when you are at the border, they will put the Visa or something else in the passport there...rather than shipping it back and forth.

    But that is just a guess. :'(
  7. I saw on the Russian forum that some members got a request for passport copies from Warsaw, and then got the request for the physical passport later, which they sent to Moscow. Those were people who were not visa-exempt.
  8. MilesAway.. I guess u r right.. I have to wait for the request of my physical passport..
    Any idea how long it takes to get passport request? Also if the online status is changed into in process, when it will change into DM ??
  9. Hey, guys!

    Can anybody share their experiece with submitting a Workbook or any other Labour record from a former USSR state??

    A little confused here..
  10. As I am still working, I took my workbook from human resources, translated, notarized and sent with the other papers.
  11. Do I have to get every page copied and translated?? A cover too? I have a title page there with my info.. then an opening with my address.. and an opening with my incomes.. frankly, all the pages with anything written in them!?

    Thanks! :)
  12. Do u speak Russian?
    I am asking because I can tell u what is written on my book and which part I translated
  13. Do they need particularly the Labour Record from my home country? Which is the former USSR state..

    Cause I also worked in UK and Canada.. I hope I don't need any records or reference letters from those countries..??

  14. baffiee, If I am not mistaken they need all the details wherever u worked.If u can't provide details with the labor record u should write an explanation letter why u don't have.
    PS.. so I found my workbook translated and notarized in my email archives. On the 1st page of my workbook it's written Trudovaya knizhka, then imya, familiya,otchestvo, Obrazovanie, professiya, data zapolneniya i t.d. We started from there till the last page where it was showing I was currently working.

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