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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Diana-Armenian, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. @mcbeth..
    I think we shouldn't worry about as I guess he had a special case because he was ashed for interview.
    How many months r u waiting since ur papers are in Warsaw?
  2. Keep in mind that it isn't someone "Polish" who is processing the application, but rather our Canadian officials working in the country servicing the needs of the various countries they are responsible for.
  3. I realize it's Canadian workers in the embassy, but don't think that changes anything. Every reply I got from Moscow was very clearly written by a Russian person.

    My application was received in Warsaw Sept. 5th. The 6 months of pointless waiting in Moscow is why I'm so bitter on this embassy today.
  4. I know that they r counting from the moment ur papers were in Warsaw. So all of us should wait 3 months more ..
  5. Wow...what a prediction! Just got my email request to send a photocopy of my complete passport!!! You are good!
  6. Woow,,very fast,,congratulations,,wish u good luck and happiness in ur new life,,hope the next is us :)
  7. Onemoretime
    Congrats !! Happy for u !! Thanks for sharing :)
    Would u tell me what is ur nationality ?
  8. Dian es tenc el gitei,vor et harcy talu es iran:)))indz ela et hetaqrqrum:))
  9. tarose mez :D
  10. Estonian
  12. hi,
    my app was sent to Warsaw few days ago, waiting with you, guys :)
  13. hi,,welcome to the rank (thread) of waiting people through Warsaw :)
  14. Hi
    Warsaw Office too:

    App send- 10 July 2014

    SA- 04 September 2014

    PPR, RPRF, personal history (since 18) - 07 January 2015

    I decide to change my Personal history and my Schudle A , beacouse I forgot add my 4 month stay in England (in 2006) and my "1 year " part time school ( in 2000)In my previous Personal History was no gaps I was employed all the time , even I was in England ( that was my parental leave)

    I scaned and send everything by e-mail. I'm wondering if they want to an origianl from or an email is ok? can anyone help me ?
    And with my application will be everything ok?
    How long it's take to get visa from PPR request?
  15. They asked for my passport copy on Jan 22/15 by email. So it seems fine. I too would love to know whether that means anything or not. Many offices send email saying they are ready to issue the VISA and to courier in your original passport. But I guess for us, we don't need a Visa as we are exempt countries. But I would still like to know how long it might be from request to actual COPR. ::)

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