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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Diana-Armenian, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Onemoretime.. U will get ur visa very soon, I feel it :) And u know if I feel it, it happens :D
  2. Hello
    I haven't posted much on the forum, but here is a quick update to show that things are moving! I have received a request for documentation from Warsaw asking for an updated Medical and copies of all pages of the passport on January 30, 2015. We have been transferred from Moscow Visa office to Warsaw at the end of August and started the entire sponsorship process in March of 2014
  3. Just got my second AOR, so looks that I can start officially counting my timeline with Warsaw VO :)
  4. Mmakarov, was ur medical expired that they asked for an updated one?
    And thanks for giving us a hope :)
  5. No problem! Yes the medical was done over a year ago.
  6. Well, I had to submit application for temp visa today since my current status expires in March. Can't take the chance of being out of status should my PR come only in March! Still waiting on DM...but I couldn't be as confident as you Diana! Oh well...only another $100 on this process...
  7. Onemoretime,I also got an email request from the Warsaw embassy to send the photocopies of all the pages of my passport today :D
  8. Well that is great news! I hope they are not just making a nice pile of papers. Hopefully you will wait less than 21 days for your results...
  9. Congrats dear !! Have u sent already?
  10. I hope to get the results soon after sending the photocopies ,,God bless and good luck to all of us
  11. Thank you dear :-* Not yet,I am going to send them on Monday,,Be sure the next is you , :-*
  12. At last !! Passport copies are requested !! And my status changed in process from 12 February.. Then passport should be requested, right?
  13. Onemoretime.. did u get ur passport back?
  14. Congratulationsssss sweetie :-*
  15. thanks hun.. I will send them tomorrow :))

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