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Want to renew a trv in india but parents visitor visa file in NDVO @bryanna

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by gurinderjit kaur, May 24, 2018.

  1. hi bryanna
    I holds a PGWP and I traveled to india on 25th march 2018 with expired trv (expired on july 2017) as i did not know that i need to renew my trv to re-enter canada. And i applied for my parents visitor visa on 26th april, i invite them for my convocation ceremony that will held on june 05. The vfs tracking number showing that their file is processed at new delhi VO.

    Now my question is that i want to renew my trv to go back to canada, as i have a valid PGWP (valid till feb 2021). But i am bit confused about the fact that if i apply now for my trv then is there any effect on my parent’s visitor visa file, because I invite them for my convocation ceremony and i am in india.

    Can the immigration officer come to know that i am in india ( if i apply for my trv) then how my parents can go to canada to attend my convocation ceremony.
    I am very confused.
  2. You would be applying for a new TRV.

    No problem at all about inviting your parents when you're in India. You have a valid PGWP. It's just that your TRV has expired.

    You would need to give a India mailing address for your new TRV. In that way, yes, the visa office will know you're in India. But, again, this is a common situation. Nothing to worry about
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  3. Hi bryanna
    Thank you for the quick reply.
    But i dont think so i can get trv till 5 june.
    Hope so my parents can get trv.
    If so then do they need to fly before 5 june or they can fly after 5 june.
    Because my convocation ceremony will held on 5 june 2018 and i invite them for my convocation ceremony, but unfortunately i stuck in india due to expired trv
  4. Surely your parents won't attend your convocation ceremony without you unless you're 'graduating in absentia' :)

    If your parents are granted TRVs, they can travel absolutely anytime during the validity of their TRVs. It is not necessary for them to visit for your convocation or on/around June 5

  5. Thank you so much Bryanna
    So in conclusion i can apply online now to renew my trv and it wont effect my parents visitor visa file
    Lucky to have you here
    Your guidance helps us a lot

    1. And can i request a officer to consider my file under can+ program as i travel to canada before and holds 10 years USA visitor visa (issue in Vancouver on jan 2018 but not yet travel to USA because I didn’t get time to fly USA)

    2. Can i apply for trv in india then go to USA and get my passport stamp there when i will get approval and request for passport. Is it possible to travel USA from india as my visa issues in Vancouver, Canada and until now I haven’t yet travel to usa.
  6. Happy to help.

    Yes, you can request for CAN+ processing. Do include a scan of your US visa in your TRV application.

    Yes, you can. You must factor in about 10-15 days for passport transmission between the CSC/VAC in the US and the LA visa office for visa stamping

  7. Ok
    Thank you Bryanna
  8. Hi @Bryanna
    Which documents i can use to renew my trv to apply online?
    I have some bank balance in my canadian bank ($2200, and shows that i am paying my bills even when i am in india) and one account from india (joint account with my mother). Have nearabout $5000 in indian bank but they are not very old funds.
    And also i have 3 years canadian open work permit.
    Do i need number of documents to renew my trv?

  9. Hi @Bryanna
    I have one question
    Can i go to USA first then apply from there to renew my trv online?
    Is it possible? Or its a risk?
    Please reply me as soon as possible
  10. It's best to apply when you're in India (i.e. India mailing address). You can apply online and later submit your passport to a US VAC when you get a passport request
  11. Ok bryanna
    But one question is still in my mind.
    When i will submit my file to embassy to renew a trv or apply online
    Then Will they come to know that my parents file is in embassy too on my convocation basis?
  12. You're worrying unnecessarily. You have a PGWP. So, relax
  13. Yes bryanna i know i have PGWP
    But i am just worrying about my parents file

    See bryanna what is my point:-

    •My parent’s file is in embassy and i am inviting them on my graduation in canada right

    •And now i am going to apply for my trv

    •I think that “when i am going to apply for my trv then the immigration officer will come to know that this is the girl who’s parents file already in embassy, and this girl is in india then how her parents will attend the graduation then the immigration officer will refuse my parent’s visa”

    •This is my point of view and I don’t know this is right or wrong
  14. It's a toss up between not applying for your TRV until your parents get decisions.... or applying for your TRV in the next few days. Your call.

    Here are some facts:
    1. Visa officers do NOT consider event dates when they evaluate TRV applications.
    2. If processing crosses June 5, the visa officer knows your parents cannot attend your convocation.
    3. TRVs can be granted even after the event has passed (in this case, even after your convocation is over)
    4. The visa officer can check with agencies to figure out where you are currently
    5. As your parents' TRVs are already being processed, you cannot tele-transport yourself back to Canada without a visa to attend your convocation, right? I'm sure you can't :)
    6. BTW the possibility of Point 4 happening is remote

    7. This is THE most important point:
    Your parents should have proved they have solid reasons to return to India. All other fears are unfounded.

    You're overthinking :)

  15. Thank you Bryanna for the valuable information.
    Yes you are right I cannot fly back to canada as my trv is expired.
    Lets see what will happen with my parents file
    They applied on 27th april at vfs centre and got the acknowledgement letter mail on 30th april. Fingers crossed for the best.

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