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Want to apply again after two times rejection

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Omnia Abdelrahman, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I hope you remember my case here:

    I am a single Egyptian Female dentist, working in SA with an ongoing contract started Feb 2017 ending in Feb 2019.

    I am doing the American Board in the US but I have always wanted to visit Canada.

    So when I found out that I can take the board’s test in the US and Canada.
    I tried to apply for TRV to take my second test in Canada in April 2018 and have a chance to visit the country.

    But they rejected me 2 times.
    Reasons were:
    • I was applying from Saudi Arabia (not my home country)
    • I traveled only one time in my life to the US in 2015 and stayed 3 months then.

    So, for the changes I have done to my current situation:
    • I traveled again to the US in Sep 2018 (this time for 3 weeks only)
    • I will renew my work contract in Saudi Arabia in Feb. 2019

    My questions are here, if I want to apply to TRV just for visiting the country:

    1- One of the advisors on this forum told me to ask for GCMS notes, How will that help me in the TRV application process?

    2- Also I have read that the person who is applying for this notes should be canadian citizin only, is that true?

    3- Do I need to change the country I am applying from? By saying that I mean I leave my job, go back home and apply from Egypt again?

    Thanks alot for your time and help
  2. If your goal is to pass your US boards why not go to the US which has given you a visa before rather then try again to get a Canadian visa?
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  3. No my goal this time is just to visit the country.
  4. It would help you to understand why you were refused twice although I guess it is because you have indicated your long-term plans for the US, no other previous travel history, you're young, etc.

    Anyone who is in Canada can order the notes, or you can Google for a company/agent who can order it for you. No requirement that says only a Canadian citizen can order them.

    No. Currently, your ties are stronger in KSA than those in Egypt because you've been living/working in KSA since the last few years
  5. My contract will be finished on Feb 2019, the I think someone told me before that I got rejected because of that and if I go with a renewed contract that proofs my stability at work.
  6. I have already explained (in the other threads) why I believe you have been refused.

    Do order GCMS notes to get a better idea for your refusals
  7. Do you think I will get affected by the diplomatic problems between Saudi Arabia and Canada in the current time?

  8. This is the email reply I received from Canadian Embassy Riyadh regarding processing of applications.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are aware of the news of the Canadian Ambassador Dennis Horak being declared persona non grata by the Government of Saudi Arabia.

    However, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in Riyadh continues normal operations. The Government of Canada continues to receive and process application and the IRCC Riyadh remains open. Our rules and processes have not changed it will be proceed as usual.

    To contact IRCC Riyadh or if processing time for your application is exceeded, you can contact the responsible office by filling the IRCC Webform.


    Migration section

    Embassy of Canada to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Ambassade du Canada auprès du Royaume d'Arabie saoudite

    Diplomatic Quarter/Enceinte diplomatique

    P.O. Box 94321, Riyadh 11693/CP 94321, Riyad 11693

    Fax: 966-1-488-9657
    Email: riyadh.visa@international.gc.ca

    Please note: When communicating with our office, include all your questions in a single message. In order to serve all clients better, we are not able to reply to multiple messages from the same client.
  9. Are you serious?

    Are you serious about this as well?
  10. You are right man.My friend got refused 4 times by UK with 10 years ban till 2027 but I appied for him for the 5th time in January and he got the visa within 2 days.JUST DO IT !!!
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  11. Also my another friend got refused US B2 visa thrice and got 5 years visa in 4th attempt.All this happened in three weeks and all the time I filled up his DS 160.He got refused 3 times from US consulate Jeddah and got visa from US embassy in Riyadh.!!!
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  12. This is my experience because I’m working as Travel agent
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  13. Have you been granted a TRV yet? If yes, after how many attempts?
  14. Still I didn’t apply for visa.
  15. Aim to get your TRV on your first attempt. It would look good on your visa application history too :)
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    hi sashi

    where ur from ? i mean ur travel agent want to talk to u ..how can i talk ?
  17. HI

    How can i send private message...if u dnt mind can we chat in watsapp

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