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Waiting for PR Card after landing - add your case here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by mahek286, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. I just linked my account. I was providing incorrect entry before. In my passport Place of birth was a mixture of City and State, for example, Bangalore Karnataka. So, input as per Passport.
  2. Hi All,
    I have an issue the card was not delivered due to a missing unit number for me and my partner. Now, I am outside Canada and I have to send Solemn declaration to CIC because 6 weeks have passed and they did not receive my and partners card back.
    My question is
    1) Can I give my friends phone number as I don't have any Canadian phone number or should l leave it as N/A?

    I would really appreciate if someone can help me.

    Thank you.
  3. Hello
    I believe i am not in a correct thread but guess i will find experts here. So I am in bit of situation. I have 1 year of experience in NOC B and have the CRS score of 464, which should be enough to meet the requirements of EE(CEC). However when i register for my EE profile, it ask me about my wife's work experience(Canadian), which i don't want to mention. What should i select in the option in spouse work experience column. ? I asked for advise for various people and they told me to skip the Profile part and say No experience in that but include all her work details in Personal history section after we receive the ITA, but i am not sure if they are talking about Canadian work experience .This is my first time posting so i apologies if i am not clear.
  4. Solemn Declaration Form can be directly faxed to them, and you should provide your own phone number with country code or put N/A, no need to provide your friends phone number as they will not talk to him as your friend does not have authorization from you to talk with CIC on your behalf.
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  5. So if you do not want to get the points for you spouse work experience then above statement is true do not put that under work experience section put it under Personal History. You should put the work under work experience on which you are claiming the points and you have to provide paystubs and experience letters for this. But for personal history paystubs and experience letters are not needed.
  6. Did anyone in Toronto complete landing at the Etobicoke office? How was the process, intimidating/long/short/easy? How long did IRCC take to reply with an appointment date?
  7. Yes, I did on 22nd Jan 2019. The process was really simple. It's better to reach a couple of hours before. My appointment was 2:30 PM and I reached there by 12:30 and immediately they started the process. Got the Token and waited for my turn to come. This wait was near 45 minutes. It took five to ten minutes. Passport, Picture, Letter verification and finally got the confirmation of PR.
    I did not receive a passport request. I directly received the landing interview letter, so can't provide any information on appointment.
  8. CEC-Inland
    Landed - 17 Jan. 2019 (Flagpole)

    Waiting for PR card. :)
  9. Did you receive any Ghost update or any update in your profile
  10. When? After landing or before getting PPR?
  11. Hi There, I also did the same thing last week in Etobicoke office.
    Just for confirmation asking..
    So, After that we no need to do border cross and we just have to wait for PR cards..is it!!
    Anything else we need to do other than updating our status for SIN, Health card..?
    Please Suggest..
  12. PR CARD RECVD : 11 March 2019 :D
  13. Hi Myra,

    For the PR card, did they ask you to send photographs. When did they ask you and what were the other steps between COPR to PR card.
  14. I sent my two photos when I was sending my passport after I had got my PPR. Then I got my passport back with the CoPR with photo. I did landing as flagpole at Queenston-Lewiston Bridge.
    You can read about my experience on below link. And after flagpoling (on January 17th 2019) I didn't do anything but wait for my PR card.

  15. Ok thats great! I had read in some forum that we need to send photographs again, then there is a ghost update in application and thats how they track progress between COPR and PR card.
    I did my landing at Rainbow bridge on Feb 26, it dint take me more than 10 mins to drive to US (had my B1 visa and i94) and take a u-turn, pay toll and do my landing. Based on your timeline, looks like I will receive my PR card by April end.

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