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Waiting for PR Card after landing - add your case here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by mahek286, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. I landed on April 10th but nothing yet expecting end of this month.
  2. Landed on March 18.

    Husband's PR card came in the mail today, but not mine yet. Hope it is here this week!

    Have not received any email about new photos required for either of us.
  3. Got PR Card today..Landed on 18th March
  4. congrats
  5. What about yours?
  6. Landed March 16, PR card arrived on the 5th. 50 days exactly.

    Good luck to everybody.
  7. Hi anyone can advise me on what photo specifications needed for landing? Thank you so much.
  8. ok thanks. will try.
  9. I landed on April 1st, so 1 - 2 more weeks. : )
  10. Dont know yet.. I will check mail box during weekend and will let you know. Thx. I hope card will be there not photo request :)
  11. Do people need to bring pictures for landing? Is this for the ones that get the COPR on the mail? Because when my passport was requested, they also requested pictures along with it and my COPR came with the picture I had sent.

    I did not bring any other pictures for landing, except the one that was already on my COPR. I was not asked any more pictures at the border. They only thing they were asking for, was all the temporary permits I've had.
  12. You dont need any photos on landing - they use same you submitted with your passport.

    However, in some cases after few weeks of landing when they process your card they send you request at your provided address to submit pictures because previous ones did not match specifications (which is stupid of them).

    This request come with specifications and you can have them done for $12 at any Fortinos or Walmart with PHOTO BOOTH.
  13. Can we find the initial PR Card application status in ECAS? I landed on April 30, but the ECAS still only show my PR application. Thanks.
  14. Landed on March 22nd, 2016.
    I received the PR card today (May 10th). So it took around 49 days since landing to receive the card.

    Now the immigration process is completed.

    I wish you all good luck and see you in the citizenship forum in some years.
  15. Congrats~!

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