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VO error on my application that leads to procedural fairness

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Sheff, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. I would not depend too much on a consultant who believes that IRCC is bluffing by sending a 'Procedural Fairness Letter'. I suggest you personally take this matter extremely seriously. You must ensure that your consultant submits the correct reply to IRCC with the correct documents.

    Here are my suggestions:
    1. The University Registrar must issue a letter stating you were a bona fide student of XX degree program from XX year to XX year. He must include his direct number and his email address in case IRCC would like to reconfirm these facts.

    2. A similar letter must be issued on official stationery by the Head of the Department for your degree. S/he must include the direct number and the email address in case IRCC would like to reconfirm these facts.

    3. Transcripts of all the years for that degree. You'll need to request the Registrar to issue this pretty quickly as this could otherwise take time.

    4. Colour scanned prints of your Student ID for each year

    5. Colour prints of your university website (home page + contact page) + your degree program/department + any affiliations with international universities

    6. Prints that your University was recognized by UGC for each of the years that you were a student there + the latest UGC recognition. If the Registrar does not give you these documents, you can search for it online (Google will help). These UGC recognitions must state that your degree program, in specific, was recognized.

    7. Project/Thesis for your degree (if applicable): A copy of this, neatly hardbound (just like you would have done at the time of your thesis submission) + a letter on official stationery issued by your project guide.

    8. Any industrial or project visits or training?? Then letters from the companies which you visited stating why you visited, the date, etc

    9. Any other recognition from government authorities for your degree program??

    10. Copies of tuition fee receipts for each year

    You'll need to get this package together really quickly as you have only 30 days to submit your reply to IRCC. If your consultant refuses to accept any of these documents then I would immediately cancel the appointment for him to represent you.

    This is a very serious matter which affects your personal and professional life

    Hope for the best
  2. Thank you so much for giving such a detailed answer. I think you are a genius in helping people. God bless you.
    Thank you very very much again.:)
  3. You're welcome :)

    If you need any help, just ask. We'll help. Especially for the reply that the consultant is drafting

    All the very best
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  4. Hello sheff. What was the outcome of your application and how long did it take Cic to reply you. I am in the same situation as you are. Thanks

  5. Hello,I applied for refugee for canada permanent resident.I got procedural referral letter from pretoria visa office after the interview done.the letter said the interview and the form not matched.I replied to the letter before month.I was nervous when the interview me.I explained that on the letter,
    Pls help me, are they gona refuse visa?
  6. Hi,

    Did you consistently give incorrect information/statements at the interview? Getting a procedural fairness letter after an interview for asylum claim is not common.

    You would need to prove that the claims you made are the same as what you had stated at the interview + in the application form.... with evidence.

    Quite honestly, procedural fairness letters usually result in a 5-years ban for entry to Canada on grounds of misrepresentation. It's not as simple as just a visa refusal. It would potentially ensure that you cannot enter Canada (and quite a few other countries) + any temporary visa applications/refugee claims that you submit would be refused/rejected

    Hope everything works out okay for you
  7. She asked me that how do I come from my country to ethiopia.the route I told her was missing 2countries on the interview and I miss one countries on the form.the I correct all the mistakes and told her the exact route on the referral letter.the other thing is I forget the name for political leader in my country ,when she ask me on the interview. I put all the information that she asked me on referral letter and I apologise for my mistake...
    Can they refus the visa because of this?
  8. Thankyou for replay.I am so worried

  9. Hi Bryanna

    We applied paper based application in 2014 . Got UCI in 2017 Oct , Medical done in June 2018 and got Passports stamped on 6 Nov 2018.

    On 3 Dec 2018 , we got a procedural fairness letter where they mentioned your visas are deactivated and are not valid for travel pending further checks on your application . Please wait to hear from us and Don't attempt to travel .

    When we got this letter , we rechecked all of our documents and found that one of us didnt mention the visa refusal UK and mark NO in question where they asked been refused admission to or ordered to leave , Canada or any other country; understood wrongly.

    Now we are interested to submit this form with all corrections along with all evidence documents to IRCC immediately.

    Can you guide us, should we wait for the proper refusal reason mail/email from CIC or submit CSE as soon as possible before further action?
  10. 1. What did you apply for?

    2. How are you related to the applicant who did not mention the UK visa refusal?
  11. I am applicant and this is my spouse application error .

  12. Answer 1 : We applied for MPNP family sponsorship program for immigration

    Answer 2 : I am applicant and this is my spouse application error .
  13. That explains why all visas have been cancelled. You are the family member of a likely-but-hopefully-not soon-to-be inadmissible person (your spouse)... which could make you and the other applicants inadmissible as well. Canada and the UK share immigration data.

    It could be too late to correct this mistake nonetheless you can try. Do reply to the Procedural Fairness letter stating that it was a genuine mistake because you had misunderstood the question. Has your spouse been granted any UK visa after that refusal? If yes, then do submit a color scan of that UK visa + details of the visit.

    Hope this works
  14. yes indeed, we completely misunderstood the question like, refusal on entry clearance and deport from any country.
    we just come to know after some research when this happened.
    Refusals are completely based of extensions while studying.

    i just wanted to know few things like:
    • Should we response proactively before getting any letter from IRCC. as we actually dont know the reason of refusal if any. OR wait for the actual reason.
    • Are there any cases like us faced Procedural Fairness after grand visa. and success of case with this type of corrections?
    please !
  15. After receiving a Procedural Fairness letter, it is virtually impossible to prove that the intention to misrepresent was not there and/or that the visa officer has erred in issuing the letter. It does not help to say this: Wish you had realized this mistake even a day before the Procedural Fairness letter was issued.

    It's a tough situation. The hard truth is that we have seen cases where visas were cancelled/revoked even if misrepresentation was detected several months/years later.

    Do expect the worst, but continue to hope for the best

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