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VO error on my application that leads to procedural fairness

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Sheff, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Dear all,

    I applied for Canada visit visa in January. while i received a procedural fairness mail that i ticked NO as i did not indicate that i have been refused USA visa in 2012..In the application i submitted, i indicated that i have been refused usa and uk visa and i added the date respectively. i was given 15days to reply. I have already sent the reply on march but waiting for reply. Please how long will that take for final decision ?
  2. In your TRV application form, did you answer 'Yes' to Question 2b of the Background Information section i.e. 'Have you been refused a visa or permit, denied entry or ordered to leave Canada or any other country?

    If you had answered 'Yes', then hopefully you will not receive a 5-years ban.

    There's no specific time to get a decision after a procedural fairness letter
  3. Thanks so much. My answer was Yes and it was stated that i was refused USA AND UK and i stated the date. I attached my my filled form with the reply. Thanks
  4. Hey seniors

    Need a advice , i applied online on 22 march and gave biomatrics on 24 march karachi pakistan , i realize later made a same mistake by ticking no on the previous refusal for US visa in 2014 but later i got US visa same yr and travelled couple of times since then

    My question is my application is already in process so how to update about this to VO regarding my application


    Answers from seniors will be appreciated
  5. You can send a Case Specific Enquiry to the relevant visa office
  6. Good day, I want to share my experience on the similar issue I applied for Canada visa online in January and I got an email from CIC 2 weeks ago that I haven't fulfilled immigration law that says an applicant must be truthful when filling an application that from their records that I have been refused a US visa twice and I didn't inform them in my application and I was given 15 days to respond to this allegations. I have sent a letter my solicitor wrote and my self to them. I am just hoping if I stand a chance to get a visa, I have a good job and I have a lot of travel history also 2 years valid UK visa with good financial status.

    Awaiting a good response
  7. Thanks Bryanna

    Will keep updated about my TRV app
  8. You should be prepared for worse or the worst i.e. a TRV refusal (worse case scenario which actually isn't as bad as a 5-years ban)..... or a 5-years ban for misrepresentation (worst case scenario).

    We have seen applications (people who genuinely misunderstood this question/ Canada PR applicants/ parents of Canadian PRs and citizens) refused and banned for this reason
  9. Hi Bryanna,
    After reading your post on resent topic initiated “VO error on my application that leads to procedural fairness” I am again feeling insecure. Although we already talk on it before but still….let me remind you.
    Online Application Submit: March 05, 2017 (05:30 AM)
    File number received: March 05, 2017 (09:10 AM)
    Case Specific enquiry raised: March 06, 2017 (03:56 AM)
    Application update e-mail received: March 06, 2017 (09:11 AM)
    Medical Passed status update March 10, 2017 (But no e-mail received for file update)
    Confirmation e-mail for no update April 04, 2017 (05:30 AM)
    In file received

    Problem is that after submitted my dad application I realized that in form IMM5257, I supposed to check "Yes" where it's been asked that if ever you refused for VISA as my dad got his Visitor visa rejected last year. But I mistakenly check "No" however in explanation column I explain everything aligned as per rejection letter.

    Although I forget to check "Yes" instead of "No" but I have explained the reason of rejection very well and uploaded the same at "Explanation" tab and following document attached.

    S.No: Supporting Documents
    1 Letter of explanation
    2 Copy of Pension Payment Order
    3 Copy of Proof of Fund (Pension Account) - Punjab National Bank
    4 Copy of Proof of Fund (Saving Account) - Bank of Baroda
    5 Copy of Proof of Fund (Saving & Chequing Account) - Royal Bank of Canada
    Letter of Invitation/Support from MP-XXXXXX, Son XXXXXX
    & daughter in XXXXXX
    7 Copy of Applicant's Passport- First and Last Page
    8 Copy of Adhar Card (Identification Document)
    9 Copy of Voter Identity Card (Identification Document)
    10 Copy of Birth Certificate of my Son (In Hindi Language)
    11 Copy of Birth Certificate of my Son (Certified English Translation)
    12 Copy Marriage Certificate of Son & Daughter-in-law
    13 Copy Birth Certificate of Granddaughter ( XXXXXX)
    Copy of Permanent Resident of Canada Card - XXXXXX(Son) +
    XXXXXX(Daughter-in Law) + XXXXXX (Granddaughter)
    15 Copy of Manitoba Health Card of my son and his family
    16 Copy of Education Certificate of my daughter in India
    17 Copy of Passport of my daughter in India
    18 Copy of Income tax return for last 3 assessment years
    19 Copy of Property Ownership Papers
    20 Copy of Property Valuation Papers

    I accept my mistake in writing when raised CSE and upload new updated Form IMM5257 with apology letter. Although I received file update e-mail in April 6, 2017 but I am confused if this e-mail is actually belongs to Medical update status or CIC update my dad file with new form.

    Please guide.

  10. Hi satindsi,

    The difference between your dad's application and the guy who received a procedural fairness letter is you had mentioned about your dad's previous TRV refusal in the TRV application (Explanation section) + you sent a CSE within 24 hours of applying before IRCC realized/asked about it.

    If there was something wrong (read: misrepresentation types), you would've heard from IRCC long back

    Don't feel insecure. Relax and enjoy the weekend :)
  11. Bryanna,

    Seriously, i am still very much surprise about the procedural fairness mail received, after i ticked YES with refusal year in the explanation column respectively. but my reply was based mainly on the allegation leveled against me. More so, i did not attach both refusal letters and hope that will not create further issue ?
  12. Hi Shelf,

    This is the first time you apply for TRV?
  13. @Bryanna,

    YES, this is the first time.
  14. That mean VO Canada and VO American will share information? if not, why they know you are refused visa USA? is that true?? i feel confused alittle.
  15. @Bryanna,

    Yea, i Know they share information. But it was stated in my application that i was refused both in uk and usa with date. Read pls:

    have concerns that you have not fulfilled the requirement put upon you by section 16(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, which states: 16(1) A person who makes an application must answer truthfully all questions put to them for the purpose of the examination and must produce a visa and all relevant evidence and documents that the officer reasonably requires.

    On the current application form, you indicate that you have never been refused any kind of visa, admission, or been ordered to leave Canada or any other country. According to information in our records, you were refused a visa to the United States in 2012

    I replied the mail with attached copy of my IMM filled form duly validated for their perusal

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