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visitor visa for parents in canada

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ckshah1498, May 14, 2017.

  1. HI all

    I want some basic information How to apply online for visitor visa for parents.

    1. Application URL link...
    2. documents required..
    3. fees deatils
    4. I am PR holder and recently JAN 2017 moved in canada so any prob for applying for visa?
    5. I am fsw PR but staying in Quebec so any issue for applying any diff site for visitor visa as i am in quebec or same site for all states.
  2. HI i checked web site I have few confusion if you can guide
    As i am on pr and calling my parents what i have to answer in below questions
    1. Do you depend on someone for financial support?
    2.What is the main purpose of your visit? i selected ' To visit family and/or friends
    but in same application question for my mother for same question i didnt get above answer to select like below i selected will it ok
    3. Why is your family member visiting Canada?
    Visit - Tourism

    any idea I filled only questions from above site. what happen next after answering all online questions?

    Thanks in advance
  3. 1. The available funds which your parents have for their visit (bank balance, cash, foreign currency, etc)

    The online questionnaire is only a guide. It is not the actual application form.

    Here's another link:

    Do check the Instruction Guide + the Visa office instructions for your parents' home country
  4. how to create login its asking online banking or gov keys .
  5. I know this link but my confusion is I want to apply for my parents from my end and i want to apply online only from canada .
    can i able to apply for my parents online behalf of them online?
    for online i have to use only Sign-In Partner login ? its safe? any issue i am going to use my bank login in canada its not my parents login?

    guide me
  6. Yes, you can apply online on behalf of your parents. You must, however, give their India address (not your address).

    You can be absolutely sure that it is safe and secure to use your banking credentials as the software technology uses industry best practices

    Here are more details:
  7. Thanks one more thing
    after creating login in how many days i have to complete whole application . and if i fail in that duration then what will be impact.?
  8. You will have 60 days to complete an online application. The number of days remaining will be indicated in the Welcome page of your MyCIC account.

    If you don't complete the application within 60 days, it will automatically be deleted
  9. HI

    Can you help me on this
    in question list

    for father
    1.Why is your family member visiting Canada - i selected 'To visit family and/or friends'

    For mother i didnt see same above option so i selected 'Visit - All other types'

    2. Do you depend on someone for financial support? i selected 'Yes' as i am sponsoring

    3. Proof of Financial Resource of Supporter - Here i am attaching my payslips and empyment letter

    4.Proof of Means of Financial Support - here i am going to add my father property list letter prepred by CA and their current job employmnet letter.

    guide me with this points will it ok
  10. Correct


    I would not select 'Yes'. For TRVs, your parents must prove that they can afford their planned itinerary + airfare = less financial dependence on you = greater the chances of TRV approvals

    Do include your NOA + bank statement also

    As property cannot be liquidated to pay for a visit, you cannot include your dad's property. Same for his current employment letter.

    For Proof of Means of Financial Support, you must include: Your mom and dad's 6 months' bank statements + FDs (if any, especially if it can be liquidated) + FD interest certificates + 6 months pay slips + 2 years ITRs.

    You can include their bank accounts (joint or sole accounts).

    If their properties are rented then you can include rental income for available finances.

    For the strong ties, you must include:
    1. The CA's statement will not work in isolation. Do include the property ownership documents + latest property tax receipts + excerpts from MagicBricks/Times Property/Citibank Realty reports to back the current indicative market rates for their property

    2. For rented property (if it's the case): Rent agreement + 2-3 months' rent receipts + bank statement confirming rent payments

    3. For employment: Leave approval letter stating your dad will have his job when he returns + proofs of any work-related commitments for which your parents must return by a specific date

    4. 2-3 months credit card statements (of your parents) is the dues are low. Not debit cards

    5. Do prepare a day-by-day itinerary for sightseeing/meeting relatives and friends/activities with expense estimates + prove they can pay for it

    Have your parents visited the US in the last 10 years or have valid US visas? Any other countries?
    What's the purpose of their visit and for how long?
  11. Thanks for information
    can you tell me what is 'NOA' ?
    flight tentative itinerary is sufficient ? or do i need to book actual ticket?
  12. Do prepare a day-by-day itinerary for sightseeing/meeting relatives and friends/activities with expense estimates + prove they can pay for it

    I am not sure here why i have to say they will pay expenses as i am calling them and sponsoring and i am going to pay all expenses.?
  13. NOA = Notice of Assessment. If you don't have it then your employment letter + pay slips + bank statements will suffice

    Don't book confirmed tickets. The provisional flight itineraries are okay

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