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Visitor Visa approved in July Timeline.

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Nina1224, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. Hi Everyone! Please post your timeline if you have applied in July and heard of any decision on your application?

    Two Applications Applied:
    July 5th - Waiting
    July 6th - Waiting
    Where - Jalandhar
    Method - Paper

  2. Applied at VFS - July 19th
    Received at CVO - July 20th
    Where - New Delhi VFS
    Method - Paper
    Link to Online Account - 2nd Aug
    Status - In Progress, Eligibility review not started yet.
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  3. same timeline here
  4. Applied July 10
    Visitor Acknowledgement Letter July 13
    Jalandhar paper based
    nothing yet
  5. Did you get visa? If so please share the timeline.
  6. Did you get visa? If so please share the timeline. Also, did your online status ever changed before approval? And what time of the day did you see online it is approved? Did you get any email on approval? Sorry for too many question..
  7. Applied at VFS - July 06th
    Received at CVO - July 09th
    1st Acknowledgement July 09th
    Where - New Delhi VFS
    Method - Paper
    2nd Acknowledgement July 31st
    Status - In Progress, Eligibility review not started yet.
  8. Applied July 13, Delhi VO, Paper based
    Visitor Acknowledgement Letter Aug 7th
    Not able to link application online. It says NOT FOUND .. :(

    After that nothing.

    Not sure when I get the visa. Had plans to travel by Aug 5th. Now its getting delayed.
    Please update if any of you get any update .. Also let me know if we need to send mail if it pass the normal processing window. (28 Days), which is today.
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  9. Its been 35 days....I can see in this forum people are waiting since 28th June....So there is no such 28 days thing for Delhi/India visa office applications.
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  10. Fantastic.. :(
  11. Yipee just got passport request letter now. Applied july 27 biometrics july31 ppr aug 10. Online application
    Timeline changed about 3mins ago
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  12. Hello Folks,

    I'm a Canadian PR, living in Canada. I've applied TRV for my parent-in-laws. Please find the below timelines.

    Applicant - parent-in-laws from India

    Application Type – Online

    Submitted – 27-Jul-2018

    AOR - 27-Jul-2018

    PPR – 10-Aug-2018
  13. No update
    Same status
    What about yours??
  14. None.. Applied paper based in Bangalore. Linked to online.. Online status first screen is submitted and when select to see details, it is application in process and review of eligibility not started yet.

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