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Visit visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Mahveesh, Nov 27, 2018.

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    I am applying for my mother's canadian visit visa soon.
    I support her financially in india by transferring money every month as she is not employed. She has about 2500cad in indian account.
    My husband is going to be the sponsorer. Please let me know if her visa will be rejected as my name will be shown in her bank statements..

    She has fixed deposits in her country along with a house in her name. Will that be enough. And my husband holds a good bank balance as a sponsorer.
  2. 1. What is the purpose of her visit and for how long does she intend to visit?

    2. CAD 2,500 is very low + the fact that you have been transferring money to her regularly does not help. Does she have any other immediate family member who can support her visit?

    3. Do post the list of documents

    4. You/your husband cannot *sponsor* your mom for a TRV
  3. The purpose of visit is family and sightseeing.

    Am sorry she has 3771 cad in indian account.

    There is no family member to support her.. She has a son but he has never transferred anything financially to shoe on bank statements..

    My husband is on work permit here n I too am working. Why isn't it possible to sponsor her.

    Kindly let me know .. Thank you so much
  4. She would stay for 20 days...
  5. My husband is in closed work permit earning 100,000 annually and I am in open work permit with 25000 Annual salary..

    Can we sponsor?
  6. List of docs for my mother would be
    4 months bank statements
    Property papers
    Property tax papers
    Fixed deposits
    Family information in India

    My husband as a sponsorer would have
    Invite letter
    Bank statements
    Accommodation letter from owner
    Office letter

    Please let me know if we should add anything.
  7. For visitor visas/TRVs, applicants must prove they have the financial resources to afford their visit without depending on their Canadian hosts.

    Someone cannot be 'sponsored' for a TRV, s/he can only be 'invited'
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    No. Your income is not relevant to her application.

    You can mention in the invitation letter that you will support her stay by providing accommodation, and take care of her travel/living expenses for her visit.

    But, the key point is she must prove she has the finances to afford the visit (either on her own or with the support of your brother) + strong ties to return home
  9. 1. Are these properties rented? If yes, when does she need to return to renew the agreement + does she have rent receipts?

    2. Does she live with your brother? Or with any other family member who is dependent on her?

    3. Can she prove she has compelling reasons to return to India after her visit?

    4. Does she have any financial investments: Are these FDs locked/interest paid regularly? Share/stocks? Pension funds?

    Again, you/your husband are not *sponsors* for her visitor visa application
  10. No the property is not rented. She lives in it.

    She has 2 Fd's

    She does not have any dependant children. No she does not live with her son.

    My husband's collegue sponsored his mom and got her here being on same visa as my husband. So I don't understand why we can't sponsor my mother. We did it even in UK.
  11. Today's document checklist does not even say we have to show property.

    It only talks about bank statements, passport and photograph and rest of visa application docs. So I do not understand how is an officer is satisfied with just these docs.
  12. Yes hers are locked FDs
  13. She has her sisters in India but my mother lives alone and without any dependants
  14. Oh I get your point.

    Ok so we are inviting her.
    With invitation letter
    Accommodation letter and proving that she will be here for family and yo see tourist spots.. we will be taking care of her.

    She has 4000 cad liquidity to come see us.

    But now as property papers will not presented as they are not evn in the checklist.. I donot know how the officer will think. She has consistent transactions in her account every month..
  15. And I believe 4000 cad for 20 days would be enough according to the officers. Please let me know.

    Thank you very much

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