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VISA Rejection after 15 days???

elvis tetteh

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Jul 23, 2019
You need to be a Legal resident in any one of these countries,
- India
Sds system only caters to these countries
Please do check the checklist on what you need to submit for the study permit.
Where are you applying from??
I am applying from Ghana please


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Jul 5, 2019
Visa online submission on 08-07-2019
how you calculate days after visa submission days or after Biometrics date?
If after visa submission for today is 12 working days
If after Biometrics for today is 8 days

May i know how normally calculate days?

IF you applied SDS, it mentions on their website (20 calendar days, not working days), which means you can include Saturday and Sunday....


Sep 26, 2019
Hey guys ! two of my close friends visa got rejected in 10-15days , he reapplied again rejected in10days

I applied on sep5 2019
It’s been 22 days I haven’t received any mail , not even biometric confirmation mail
More worried bz my IELTS score is overall is 6 and writing is 5 and all there are 6 . Still waiting for mail let’s hope ! Any one experience this situation ?????????????


Nov 19, 2019
Mine is 14th(without medicals) working day today under the SPP and still no reply...By what you just said is not real 3 of my very close friends applied for canada one got his visa within one week the other two waited for 24 days and than they got the rejection letter....By the way i think its a lie that SPP makes canadian visa more easily, i think canadian visas are still given to people by the mood of the canadian visa officer, and they often reject excellent students and take students who just want to go to canada and work in a resturant...With that said i have litreally no hopes of getting a visa now as way too much time is consumed in the processing, i just want my passport back so i can apply in a european country where they work according to the specified framework and their visas are not given by mood..I got a Tier 4 visa(UK) last year without any problem and look what the canadians are doing with my application now..Canadian visa is just sheer luck i wish i knew that before i applied......

To the answer to your question--No i dont think that is any thumb rule. I know many ppl in my friend circle who applied for canada and get rejection letters after a month or so..
Please what documents do i need when applying?...i just got an acceptance letter from Conestoga college and i want to go and apply for visa


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Nov 25, 2019
Hello I applied for study permit on 8 nov 2019 and done my Biometrics on 15 nov 2019. Still now after more than 2 weeks i doesn't get any result. Please anyone can help me.