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VISA Rejection after 15 days???

Discussion in 'International Students' started by jackpatel, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Hi Friends
    I have seen many guys whose Visa got rejected within a week or 5-15 days. If you guys see any one got their visa rejected after 15 days, just mention the processing dates, so that we will have a better opinion.
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  2. @ Jack

    Nice action...

    really It will help others with a better conclusion..

    I have a strong opinion, many of our forum guys got their visa REJECTED with in 5-15 days.. If you are not rejected with in 15 days, you may be in the way of getting visa stamped...

    If any one of you guys have opinion against mine, just debate with me with the right information.. It may help others.. to be relaxed.. to be prepared..
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  3. Yes CSP I am also in your favour... In fact I had also mention the same thing one week later ..... In this forum Senas ( Don't sure with the name) also was rejected... He Applied on 30 July and got refusal with 3 reason on 14th AUG... That complete 16 Days
  4. I am in!

    Hey GUYS if your Visa got Rejected after 5-15 days then PLZ REPORT HERE ASAP!..


  5. i guess there are a lot of applicants like me who havnt heard anytin frm te embassy till now...for me its been more than 30 working days...so cant completely avoid te fact tat ppl wont get rejection letter...we will have to wat and see...te stats till now shows no rejection if it has gone more than 15 days with out notice
  6. Just yesterday i was also telling the same thing to my friend who applied with me on same date..
  7. @ Rupinder, Jack
    Nice thought through our conversation .. even I didn't think of it..

    Hope our thread will help the newcomers and guys who is waiting for their visa ...
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  8. Kailas I can under stand ur sayings but we are not giving any commitment we are just checking and if there is someone who got rejected after 16 days of wait..... i will take my words back... just want to give hope to others who are pending nothing personal
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  9. I totally agree with u......i also believe in tat....its te only good piece of information tat we can hold on to ryt now....anyways its good tat u guys came up with it....thanx
  10. All credit goes to Rupinder and CSP
  11. Guys, This thread is only for our opinion.. May not be the FACT..
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  12. YES CSP we are just checking from our end atleast it gives some hope to others who are waiting so long like us.

    VISA goes with LUCK
    (NO FACT just OPINION)
  13. Mine is 14th(without medicals) working day today under the SPP and still no reply...By what you just said is not real 3 of my very close friends applied for canada one got his visa within one week the other two waited for 24 days and than they got the rejection letter....By the way i think its a lie that SPP makes canadian visa more easily, i think canadian visas are still given to people by the mood of the canadian visa officer, and they often reject excellent students and take students who just want to go to canada and work in a resturant...With that said i have litreally no hopes of getting a visa now as way too much time is consumed in the processing, i just want my passport back so i can apply in a european country where they work according to the specified framework and their visas are not given by mood..I got a Tier 4 visa(UK) last year without any problem and look what the canadians are doing with my application now..Canadian visa is just sheer luck i wish i knew that before i applied......

    To the answer to your question--No i dont think that is any thumb rule. I know many ppl in my friend circle who applied for canada and get rejection letters after a month or so..
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  14. Thanx Icecool
    Thanx for sharing you information and ur opinion..... and I also agree with u.... but can we hope that the visa ration increases after 15th day......

    I agree with u and I said it before also VISA goes for LUCK
  15. The below reply from Navaneethakannan.. (got his visa on his 20th day)

    Hi guyz! Finally my frustrations came to an end...
    got my stamped visa today by 7pm..
    I applied in 29th july and got the stamping today..17th august..on my birthday!! ( B'day gift)...
    All the best for everyone in the forum..Be little cool...i understand how frustrating it will be right now for visa awaiting ppl..my sincere prayers and wishes for all your success..keep in touch! Meet u soon in canada! :)

    @ torrontabc: I gt admit for 1 yr post dip in Project Mgt - Centennial Colg

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