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Discussion in 'International Students' started by tiger007, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Hello friends ..i have 5 years study gap ..can i apply for study visa. Give ur views please
  2. Hi Aman,

    Most of the colleges/universities accepts gap uptill 5 years but there are few exceptional universities which can accept more than 5 years Gap as well for which your profile has to be rock solid.

    In order to ascertain whether your profile will get through or not, I need to have complete academic profile, IELTS scores and the information about what you have been doing this 5 years.

    Hope it helps!

    Karan Makhija
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  3. Hi,

    Yes, it is utmost important to have IELTS score for applying for master course. If you are applying from India, then you need to have at least 6.5 overall with 6 in each module, to have good chance of getting admission and Visa.

    Hope it helps!

    Karan Makhija
  4. Hii Karan,
    I have done bsc nursing in 2014 and after that 2 year experience until june 2017 ..i got married after that and living a life of housewife ..i have done gt ielts with overall 7 band not less than 6.5 each ..now please give me advice..Thanks
  5. Hi Aman,

    First and foremost, you need to have Academic IELTS for applying for study permit, as GT IELTS won't for this purpose. Secondly, you need to show some experience after your marriage to cover the Gap angle. Also, what were our %ages in Graduation, 12th and 10th?

    Hope it helps!

    Karan Makhija
  6. Hii
    I got 80% 76% 70% from 10th +2 and graduation respectively .. i will arrange experience and i want to go mannitoba
  7. Percentages are very good, so from this side you sound sorted. Let me know if you need any further help.
  8. Yeah sure .. Thanks alott
  9. Anybody Please do reply
    Is advanced diploma and pg diploma are the same.. Becuase I completed my bachelor and searching for pg diploma, but while searching for pg diploma page directed to advanced diploma. And majority of colleges shows diploma and advanced diploma but there is no pg diploma..can anybody pls guid me .....
  10. I am on post graduate work permit !
    3 months left for its expiration !

    For some personal reason i came back to india in august 2018 !

    Its time to fly back

    So its been almost 7 months in india
    My question is that will immigration ask me questions regarding coming back to canada ???
  11. Hello
    10th 6 CGP
    Diploma CSE(Computer science & Engineering) with 71% but with 9 backlogs will I get visa for Canada as a international student.
  12. Someone needs to update the original post at the start with updated links. Those links are not valid anymore as the post was made in 2012. Someone please do this :)
  13. Hi Guys,

    I'm applying online for a study permit, let's say I get my request for a study permit and visa passed. The college says I must be there by Sep 3rd but if for some personal matter I want to defer a semester.
    Do I need to do anything besides being in touch with my college? Do I need to inform the embassy about that? Isn't a problem If I go to Canada 4-6 months after they stamp my passport/accept my request?

    - The second question is, I fill the forms and validated them but I found some error and edit them. if I validate the form for the second or 3rd time, will be Ok? or I should download the form again and validate only once?

    Many thanks in advance.
  14. Hi members please advise,i applied for study permit online on 22nd april.in the optional documents ,i also added temporary residence visa application.My application has since been rejected basing on the temporary residence visa which was not my primary application.The letter of refusal stated that MY application for VISITING visa could not be granted and am thinking that my STUDY permit application was not considered.i have a strong conviction that when reviewed for study permit, i stand a chance of getting it.how best should i adress this issue?study permit applications usually take 9weeks here and my decision was made within 2weeks and as such i believe they processed a wrong visa and i regret why i had o include the application for TRV.kindly help
  15. hello, i Got 57.75 % in BA degree From MG University, ielts 6.5 with no band less than 6. Is it possible to get an admission in any canada college for 2 year PG diploma course?? what is the minimum percentage one should have in degree to get admission and Visa????

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