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Vancouver empty home tax

Discussion in 'Housing' started by steaky, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Seriously, why do you like the municipal government to have more taxed money? More funding to dumb and wasteful projects like changing city logos?
  2. That’s tax deductible hello? And money for housing development.
    If you don’t discourage foreign buyers then many resident citizens and PR will never can afford houses.
  3. Still, even so I don't think it will discourage foreign speculators who just flip and flip, and driving up housing prices. Many resident citizen and PR will never afford houses unless they somehow hit the jackpot like those happy people in NL.
  4. Also, if the government want to make housing affordable for residents citizen and PR to buy, they should just halt land sales to developers and use taxed money to develop their crown lands instead into mega home ownership scheme housing projects that are intended to be sold to them at discounted prices. Better yet, connect the projects with the existing skytrain system.
  5. I disagree what the author said in 3.6 of the article.

    Stocks and homes doesn't have to be sold in order cash out! Didn't the author watched TV commercials or knowledge about reverse mortgage and helocs?
  6. He is a SFU professor you know, not a student.
    And has Phd in PolSci.
  7. Isn't he an associate professor? How many years yet to become professor?
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    Geez he would be Professor if you want to be a mister know it all after many years 6 or 8 at SFU?
    Asst professor, associate professor whatever kind of professor is still professor like doctors even phd grad is still a doctor and veterinarians are doctors.
    He’d probably knew what he was taking about thru research instead of watching tv commercials. What research have you done regarding housing in Van?
  9. Yeah, so as prime ministers and church ministers are all ministers, Electrical engineer, civil engineer, marine engineer, janitors are all engineers..assistant manager, property manager and general manager are all managers, CEO, police officer, conservation officer, CFO are all officers. Film director, company director are all directors. LOL!

    If he know what he's talking about, why he did not mention about reverse mortgage and helocs? What research did you do on your side in relation to housing in Van? For me, I rely mainly on the media (and Internet which includes commercials) and my realtor friends (who have hands on experience) without doing research on my own. After all, I'm not a researcher (although I used to be one).
  10. Lol believe on the internet even some news companies are not credible, and some realtors that are also complicit.
  11. LoL Have so much time to do your own research. Do you research when deciding who to vote (mayor, mla, mp)? As you said, that means some news agency are credible and some realtors are not complicit.
  12. What's the point of signing up to this forum and creating and replying post/thread if you don't believe on the Internet (even some information are credible)? LOL!
  13. Reverse mortgages and HELOCs still have to be paid back.
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    Yes, but you can take cash out. And better yet, you keep the title of the property and can continue to live in the property.

    Edit: whereas if it was sold (the author of the article suggested selling is the option to cash out) you cannot keep the title and subject to the mercy of the new landlord whether or not you can continue to live in the property. You might have to downsize or move to the suburbs and take long travel times to connect with your former networks such as friends and families.

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