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Valid Offer Letter

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Prakashkpi, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Hi
    I am currently working in Canada on a Closed Work Permit (Intra Company transfer and LMIA Exempt) and I have already completed my 1 year of stay here.
    The Job offer issued has the end date of 30-Dec-2020. Will it be a problem submitting the express entry profile now mentioning that I have a valid job offer for 1 year? My company doesn't provide any reference letter to support PR processing.
    Please suggest.
  2. No. You need a valid job offer letter.
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    Yes I have a valid job offer letter which is ending on Dec 2020. If I receive an ITA in this month, I can show 1 year valid job offer now but not absolutely sure what could happen during the PR processing.
  4. The job offer has to be valid for at least one year AFTER you become a permanent resident. So no, your old letter does not meet the requirements, and you will need a new letter if you want the points for the valid job offer.
  5. Hello everyone..i'll be completing my 1 year in January 2020, my current CRS is 440, will I get the 50 pts after completing the 1 year??? Noc 4214

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