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Urgent need of help returning to canada.

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by maja2000, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Hello. I am a permenant residence card holder who is living currently in somalia. I recieved the the PR card july of 2016 and i have left canada on august 5th of 2017 at the age of 16 to somalia for the sake of my very ill grandmother and i have several questions that needed to be answered for me to safely be sure that i could return back to canada so i could continue my education that i never finished.

    1. Would i need a PRTD to return back to canada even tho my PR did not expire.
    Because im pretty sure there arent any canadian embassys in somalia.
    2. Do i meet my PR Obligation ?
    After i recieved my PR i have stayed in canada for 1 and now i have been outside of canada for 2 years.

    3. What happens if i didn't meet my PR obligation ?
    I was only 16 at the time we left to somalia , i wasn't aware that my parents would keep me here and a possibility of me not returning and absolutely not being told that i would have to return to canada during a specifc time to retain my PR status.

    4. When does my PR status expire?
    For most people its 5 years but since i left my parents have been hiding my PR card from me and insisting me to stay in this hell of a country which means i have no clue when my PR expires.

    I would need urgent help and answers to return to the country i have been raised in as its not smart of my stubborn parents to keep me hear with no quality education and highschool certificate. Unlike my other family members i am the youngest one when we settled here and im pretty canadian but me being here saddens me everyday that i don't have any formal education so i would appreciate the help i would recieve.
  2. 1. You need either your PR card or a PRTD.

    2. Yes, you meet the Residency Obligation.

    3. If you don't meet the RO, you could be reported and lose your PR status.

    4. PR status doesn't expire. PR cards are generally valid for around 5 years.
  3. You said that i could lose my pr status , is there any possible way for me to appeal it? As i was only a minor when i left the country. Now that i am 18 i know i am very resposible and knowledgable about my canadian status and responsibility to be canadian.

    And also i have my PR card i could just travel with that instead to return to canada? I don't need prtd?
  4. I said you could lose your PR status if you don't meet the RO. As of right now, you meet the RO.

    Yes, you travel with the PR card.
  5. Maybe stating the obvious but assume you have a valid passport as well as the PR card and your parents are not hiding that as well. Whilst you still currently meet the residency obligation maybe best to plan to move back as soon as you can given circumstances can always change to put other obstacles in your way.
  6. I remember leaving the country with a blue passport that was valid for 6 months im very sure that its the traveling document. Would i need to bring that back with me ? or get a new prtd or am i safe with the current pr

    Until when do i not meet the pr obligation because im assuming that i do not meet it anymore as i was outside of canada for 2 years and 14 days but stayed in canada for 1 year ever since i got the pr.
  7. PR card is not blue. How did you originally come to Canada ? Do you still have that blue passport ? Do you have the PR card ?
  8. A PR card is a plastic card the size of credit card. You need a passport to return to Canada.

    You can be out of Canada up to 3 years before you stop meeting the RO.
  9. How did you come to Canada? Did you come as a refugee?
  10. I came to canada in 2009 as a refugee claiming asylum from somalia because of the war ever since then our only form of identification is PR card.
    I only have the PR can i return with that ?
  11. Ok so to make this clear:

    Your parents got PR based on a refugee claim. They said they were being persecuted in Somalia and yet they went back to Somalia and stayed there?

    I think you should be prepared for IRCC to revoke your whole family’s PR, not so much coz you may not meet RO but because your family no longer needs the protection of Canada and voluntarily went back to the country your family claimed was dangerous.

    How long did you live in Canada?
  12. I lived in canada since 2009 and i live in somaliland an independent state from somalia which is more peaceful than somalia its self where there isn't war.
    My mother who returned and is currently in canada didn't have an issue returning and wasn't asked at all.
    The issue here is my parents are insisting on keeping me here and feeding me lies that if i return i would face issues and that i am not canadian anymore that it would be better to stay here and focus on a bogus religion that i do not believe in anymore that is being forced down my throat with out any education.
  13. Your mother got really lucky but once Canada finds out she returned to Somalia she is at risk of losing her PR status. It will up to Canada whether they recognize Somaliland as a separate country. Would research reavailment.
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  14. Perhaps your family flew in through Djibouti. There is no consulate or embassy in Somalia. There is only a consulate in Djibouti which may just be a random person who represents Canada when needed. You would need to reach out to Canada but given that you are travelling on an RTD (assume you don’t have a Somalian passport which you can’t use as a refugee) and a PR card those aren’t that easy to replace. You can certainly try. Not sure if you have your own funds or will be able to go out to potentially courier information and pictures.
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  15. I would think, if you can provide proof, if you returned as a child under your parents instructions, were kept there and return as soon as possible, reavailment may be overlooked by CBSA or IRCC. Get a passport and your PR caned and return as soon as you can. The longer you wait the greater the reavailment risk will become for you (and it’s already a big risk).
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