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University of Saskatchewan Fall 2018

Discussion in 'Education' started by Jolly94, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Lol. Thanks dear. You too
  2. It's still same :(
  3. Hi..
    I have submitted pre-qualification form for master's in mechanical engineering for winter 2019 and the status is under review... So what are my chances for University of Saskatchewan?

    My profile
    B.Tech ( Metallurgy) 8.01 CGPA
    IELTS 6.5 with no less than 6

    Please help me

  4. It is too hard to tell. Your IELTS scores are quite low. How many other applicants applied and whether your area of interest coincides with a supervisor, if there is research involved, are other factors.
  5. Thanx for the information.
    Could you please suggest to me other universities for the same course for Jan 2019 intake?
  6. I'm sorry you'll have to look up other programs.
  7. hey guys, I am applying to Usask for Jan 2019 intake for a bachelors degree. Anyone else with me?
  8. I got the Invitation to apply for USASK (Chemical Engineering) from Pre-Qualification form.
    I haven't applied IELTS as my university is in Exemption list by WHED ( http://www.whed.net/home.php)

    Have you got the admission??

    If yes, when did you got the admission?
    I am also observing from few days for my application as "completed under review".

    I have applied for Jan 2019 intake.

    please let me know :)
  9. Did u apply for bachelors or masters?
    I got admission just a week ago in the college of arts and science (BSc) and they recieved my documents approximately a month ago..
  10. I've applied for masters (MEng) Jan 2019 Intake. I got my application status as "Complete ready for review" from few days.

    Anyone know when the confirmation of admission may happen??
  11. Hi Tasharico. Did you get your admission for MPH 2018?
  12. Hey bro have you got any reply from U &S of pre-qualification form
  13. I applied for MSc in Public policy for fall 2019. My University is included in WHED. Do I still need to upload English Proficiency test?
  14. Hello guys! I am Suraj from Ghana.I submitted my prequalification form application for May,2019 intake to the department of civil engineering for my postgraduate studies at the University of Saskatchewan.I was told that the application may reach 6 weeks to be reviewed and I will receive email every week regarding the status of my application.I have received email for the past weeks that my application is still being reviewed until the 6th week which was this last Friday that I did not receive any email from them regarding the status of my prequalification application.Does anyone has the idea of what that means

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