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UK overstayed for 2 years now want to apply Canada visitor visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by harpreetbhatti, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Hi
    My name is Monu and I am from India.I want to apply a visitor visa for Canada.my sister sponser me and send me all related document.my sister have parmanent residency in Canada for last 5 years.but I have one problem is that I am overstayed in UK for about 2 years.i came back in 2016 and do business in my country.i lost my passport in India and apply for new passport.now I have fresh passport no any stamps at all.
    Now I am confused that to show about my overstay on papers.
    Can anyone suggest me.
  2. @Bryanna will help you .
  3. CIC will know you overstayed in UK since both countries share information. Doesn't matter if your passport is changed or not, CIC will definitely know. If you hide the fact you overstayed, that is considered misrepresentation and that is 5 years banned from entering Canada.
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  4. Completely regrettable. Based on your post, it seems you have no qualms about violating the conditions attached to your visa(s) + about misrepresenting.

    IMO, don't apply for a Canada TRV/visitor. There's no way you're going to be granted any temporary residence visa (work, visit or study). Here's why:
    1. Your sister cannot *sponsor* you. She can only *invite* you.

    2. You're aware that you have been banned from the UK for your overstay, right? Your future visa applications to the UK will probably result in refusals.

    3. An overstay of two years could not have happened due to ignorance. You were aware that your UK overstay was illegal. Were you removed from the UK or issued departure orders/were you deported?

    4. We've heard this all-too-common story about losing passports.... applying for new passports.... and then hoping to fool the immigration authorities of the next destination country by thinking they won't know about previous visa violations because of the new, blank passports

    5. UK and Canada (and some other countries) share immigration data. Your overstay will be known to IRCC. If you try to conceal your UK overstay + your UK ban, you can expect a 5-years' ban for misrepresentation from Canada as well
  5. Thanks for share the information
    No one deport me from uk.its only my decision to come back and start some business in my country
  6. The stamps I was talking about is arrived stamp.when I arrive in delh
  7. It won't make a difference. A new, blank passport does not erase the mistakes committed on previous passports.

    You were probably in the UK on a 6 months' General Visit/Standard Visit visa. Although you were allowed entry for up to 6 months, it is not expected to remain for the entire 6 months' duration.

    You overstayed by nearly two years. That will remain on your records permanently.... and you will have to declare this UK overstay + your UK ban whenever you apply to any country for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, you can expect other countries to refuse you visas (Canada, Schengen, Australia, NZ, etc etc).

    If you worked when you were staying illegally in the UK then you have even bigger problems
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  8. Nope. Bryanna does not help anyone who intends to break the rules/Law :D
  9. thanks Bryanna
    I am well settled in India.i have my business i just want to go Canada to meet my sister beacause i never meet her for last 10 years
    can i show my overstayed on paper or not
    please suggest me Bryanna
  10. You will have to declare your overstay. On the application it will ask for your travel history. There is no way of hiding it unless you really want to be banned for 5 years from entering Canada.
  11. Hehe i mean tell him clearly what is the decison. Coz you are VIP member :D
  12. Rule is Rule. They prefer their terms & condition if you did not follow them they will probably refuse your entry + doesnt matter what is your wealth leval.
  13. Better, ask your sister to come to India to meet you.
  14. agree;)
  15. yaa thats good idea.but one thing i must share with you all that is one lady go on visitor visa in England.and she overstayed about 5 years.then she came back India and apply for canada visitor visa.and she has granted to come Canada.she was work in England as well.

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