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TRV to attend sons Master's convocation.

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by 2b.or.not.2b, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. My son will be completing his masters degree next year. His convocation is scheduled for June 2019 and I along with my wife and daughter(aged 18 studying in her first year degree college) would like to attend.
    When should I apply for TRV and what should be the ideal bank balance that I have to show considering that we plan to limit our visit to three weeks. We are Indian passport holder.
  2. You must apply about 3-4 months before your intended travel.

    Bank balance/finances for your visit must match your declared sources of income + your tax returns.

    Each applicant needs to prove his/her individual strong ties to India
  3. @Bryanna many thanks for your input appreciate it.
  4. Do I apply separately for my daughter or can we make a single application. Thnx @Bryanna
  5. If she is not a minor, she must apply independently (if it is an online application).

    For paper submissions, you can request the VFS/VAC staff to bag all three applications together. Nonetheless, do submit one set of common documents for each application
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  6. Thnx . U r doing a great job in guiding people.
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    Hello @2b.or.not.2b and @Bryanna . (@bellaluna @canuck78 )

    I am in a similar situation, and really need immediate insights. I am in Toronto, Canada wanting my parents from India to visit me in June '19 (3 weeks) for convocation. Could you help me with a couple of questions?

    1. Is it equally okay to apply online versus paper application?

    2. How much Proof of Means of Financial Support (required) do they need to show to build a good case? They have a reasonable amount (10k FD + 20k PPF | CAD) in long-term savings but only about 1000 CAD in the regular bank account each. They're both salaried government employees.

    3. In Purpose of Travel - Other (required), I have included my graduation letter, invitation letter, and their property documents of India. I have also written a letter describing the purpose of visit (3 weeks) and social ties to India. Anything else I need to do?

    4. Is it a good idea to include my brother in this TRV application as a family? He is presently in the second year of his undergrad in India, and planning for Canada study permit next year. I don't want a probable TRV refusal to affect the study permit, so asking :)

    5. Mother's name on my passport and birth certificate has our surname. However, she's documented with her maiden surname everywhere else (including her passport). Trivial or Major issue?

    Really appreciate your support, in advance. I've been going through the forum and found all your reply and collaborative approach really amazing. Looking forward to contributing more here.

    Thank You,
    Student Visa (Jan'18-Mar'19)
    Presently applied and waiting for PGWP
  8. @Anir would like to help but this query requires expert help let's wait for them to revert. I too would benefit from their replies.
  9. The mode of submission is irrelevant for an approval. You can apply by any mode you choose.

    1. They cannot show PPF as part of the funds available for their visit. It is locked-in. It can be included in their overall financial situation.

    2. The same as #1 for the FD too. It can be included in the funds for their visit if it is not locked-in/not cumulative interest on maturity.... but the FD amount is too low to cover the visit expenses of two persons + generally, no one would liquidate an FD (viewed as investment) to travel abroad.

    You need to include a detailed day-by-day visit itinerary with expense estimates. Your parents must have the finances to pay for this itinerary and airfare.

    Your brother is not in the final year of his study program. This aside, your parents don't have the finances to pay for their own visit then paying for your brother's visit is not possible.

    Do include your birth certificate. Also, as your passport would probably have her married name then there are no issues.

    1. Only one parent must apply if the purpose is your convocation.... by indicating the other parent + your brother as family ties to return to. If this is the plan then they must save up more i.e. liquid funds through their salaries before they apply.

    2. As your parents don't have a strong financial situation, you may want to consider inviting them when you have your PGWP and you're working. This would prove that as their host you have the finances to pay for their accommodation, travel and living expenses during their visit.

    3. As your study permit is possibly expiring soon, again it would make sense to invite your parent(s) when your own status is valid for longer

    4. Your parents must demonstrate their strong ties: Evidence pf their employment (including a NOC from their employer, salary slips, tax returns, etc) + property ownership (valuation by themselves or a property valuer) + family ties + financial situation (including EPF, LIC, shares/stocks, pension, etc) + any perquisites and benefits due to their government employment
  10. Thanks a lot @Bryanna firstly, for the detailed insights. Quick follow up, as I boil it down some points:

    1. Financially : I am already working (implied status), so I can use that as a supporting fact of (10k FD + 6K savings) of their liquid money. Further, they can attach the property documents, PPF (30k +30k), salary slips and tax returns as overall financial situation.

    2. Socially : They live with my grandparents since forever, plus property and government jobs. I'll try to attach benefits declaration too.

    + My mom's passport and documents don't have the married name, it's still the maiden name incidentally. I'll attach a notarized affidavit for this discrepancy though.

    (I completely understand the funds available are on the lower side, but incidentally my roommate got it processed with liquid availability of 10k CAD (FD) for his parents. I genuinely want them here on my convocation, hence trying to bet on the good faith..don't get me wrong please.)

    I'll def create a day by day itinerary, and skipping my brother from the process for now.

    Really appreciate the help, again. Please let me know if you have any immediate feedback.

  11. Again, their liquid finances don't cover the cost of airfare leave aside proving finances to pay for the visit itinerary.

    PPF is locked-in. No access to those funds.

    Do include as many evidence for each point as possible.

    She can include her marriage certificate + your birth certificate + your passport.... to prove she is your mom.

    A notarized affidavit is not required if the above evidence is included.

    Each application is unique. What works for someone else would depend on that applicant's individual circumstances.

    Unless I'm seeing incorrect figures (definitely not), the amounts you mentioned for your parents' bank balance (grew by 6 times) + their PPF (grew by 10K).... in your very next post :p

    There's a huge difference between having just CAD 1000 in the bank (cannot pay for airfare).... and having CAD 6000 (can pay for airfare, may be inadequate for the visit plan.... but much better than the CAD 1000 finances scenario) = These amounts can impact TRV decisions

  12. Hi again @Bryanna ,
    I wish I could be as detail-oriented as you are, honestly :)

    haha, the available funds increased, because I pushed my parents to give me EXACT details and make any possible arrangements.
    1. Their salaried accounts have 2K CAD combined.
    2. Their joint savings account : 6k (last minute deposit, I intend to produce only the balance certificate)
    3. Mom's FD : 10k (not locked-in, so would suffice as direct proof of funds?)

    = 2K + 16K

    If we think this doesn't suffice, please let me know any possible workarounds here.

    Thank you for the insights about concerns of social ties and mom's name. Shall follow!
  13. Okay

    It's easy to do the math.... and see that this last minute deposit doesn't match their income or tax assessment.

    Do include a letter from the bank stating the FD is not locked-in, not mortgaged + FD interest certificate.

    a. Property valuation + property tax receipts
    b. Evidence that your brother is a student + dependent on your parents
    c. Credit cards (not debit cards) + recent statements
    d. Evidence that your grandparents live at the same address + dependent on your parents for their well-being/finances
    e. NOCs from their employers + other evidence of their employment ties + their EPF + retirement and/or even employment benefits

    And, I recommend they apply after you get your PGWP. It's too early to apply now for their visit in June anyway (I assume your parents don't work in critical areas that might result in background checks)

  14. Perfect! Those points would help me consolidate a checklist, thanks again.

    "It's easy to do the math.... and see that this last minute deposit doesn't match their income or tax assessment." Last question, should I include this or not ? I mean practically they were saving this (6K) in different places and transferred it now to a single account. (Sorry for the back and forth and my lack of understanding here)

    ..and per your recommendation, I'll probably wait for my PGWP (expected March first week) to apply for their visa. Was only trying to save a bit on flight costs by rushing. :S
    ..No critical areas I suppose. Dad's a PSU insurance employee and mom is a teacher

  15. If it was earned by them then don't transfer between accounts. They can reference all bank account statements + state the consolidated amount.

    Do try to save a bit more before they apply.

    No worries about background checks in this case

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