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TRV Processing Time Updates for Pakistan.

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Omairi7, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. TRV processing timings are getting changed and improvise as well. Current Processing timings for Pakistan are 37 Days as of 11th Nov 2017.
  2. it was 55 days now 37 days but our applications passed more then 60 days already lol
  3. When my application was in process it was 28 days and i got decision on 64th day ... so all depends on case to case but i m sure you both will get positive answer soon inshallah
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  4. You are right. application time varies from case to case. We are very much hopeful for positive outcome which matters most.
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  5. You will get positive answer inshallah as i have seen 2 other cases where after long background check trv was approved and background checks comes after initial eligibility..so thats kind of positive
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  6. InshAllah hoping for the best 63 days already who knows coming week we got an update either i will resubmit request of passport withdrawal as i submitted earlier but i got a call from embassy and they asked me to wait for a week . so let's see what is next :)
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  7. my concern right now is if they approve so what can be validity of visas lol as my wife and son passport expiring next year june 31 however mine and daughters valid till 2020 and 2021.
  8. We all got visa till 2020 , thou my pp was valid till 2025 and my family was till 2020
  9. great that means they consider the family passports first so that means till june 2018 may be in my case if they approve :O
  10. Not necessarily that family applicants' will be issued similar length of TRV validity.

    Individual assessment = Individual TRV validity
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  11. We cannot take this thing For Granted that they are checking our background checks so we will surely get the visas, They might find something and can Reject our TRVs too. Yes we are taking this Background check and longer duration of processing on a positive Note.
  12. it will be very unfortunate if got rejection after long waiting , but hoping for the best InshAllah things will be positive you never know what will be out come always hope for the best :)
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  13. You've been extremely patient. Continue keeping the faith and the positive spirit

    There's always a bright light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how long the tunnel is.... in this case, it's a bright, shiny visa :)
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  14. Thanking you Bryanna for your kind words.

    I am still very positive and keep my plans going along. I also encourage all to take chance, apply and see if things will favour them or not.
    There is a very famous saying by my Late Grand ma
    “ You will get what and when Allah has written it in your destiny”
    This really keeps me going all the time.

    Yes. I have actually learnt alot after joining this forum especially following your and other senior member replies.

    Keep this good work going, Good luck.

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  15. So, wise and so very true. I believe in this too (and in hard/smart work that brings in results) :)

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