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Travel (non-immigrant) visa to USA for Canadian Permanent Resident

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by RamR, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am a PR of Canada since last appx. one year and planning to apply for the Visitor Visa to the USA from Vancouver, Canada.

    On DS-160 within section "Additional Work/Education/Training Information", there is this question;
    " Have you traveled to any countries/regions within the last five years? "

    Now, in my case, the ONLY International Travel I did in last five years was when I flew to Canada last year and that was on PR (with the COPR). And since then I have not left Canada so far, neither did I travel anywhere else before that (for more than last Five Years.)

    So, Should I say 'Yes' to this question ??
    [considering that I did the International travel by flying to Canada from my country of origin, even though I was not traveling for Visiting purpose, but rather I flew to Immigrate to Canada on PR (With my COPR)]


    Should I say 'No' to this question ??
    [considering that I did not fly to Canada on a visit (with a non-immigrant Visa), but I flew to Canada on PR (with COPR for Immigration to Canada) and therefore, this flight / travel does not count towards the travel which they are asking in this question.]

    Any inputs to my situation would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks everyone.

  2. Hi,

    In D-160, there is no question like that. I submitted my application last week. If you came across such question, the answer should be "No" as per my understanding.

    I am applying from Toronto. Please share your interview experience with us. My interview date is after two months.

    Also, without considering the time for the interview, I mentioned my travel dates as the beginning of July whereas my interview dates are at the end of July. If anyone has comments how to handle this in the interview, would be appreciated.

    Thank you :) :) :)
  3. I think you should input the travel details to Canada. Even though your purpose was Immigration, it would still be counted as an International Travel. You would have your passport stamped. If you choose to not to disclose it, it might affect your US Visa chances, i think.

    There is no harm in disclosing. They usually do not ask any questions about previous travel at the interview.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm filling out the online application for a visitor visa and I can see 2 options : B1/B2 and B2. I only intend to travel for leisure and not for any business purpose but I see a lot of people applying for the B1/B2 category. So are there any advantages apart from the obvious one that you can visit for both Tourism and Business purposes.
  5. Hi,
    we are a family of three, Indian Citizens staying in Canada, as Permanent Residents. When applying for a tourist visa to the US online, I noticed that we need to enter a US contact name. We do not have relatives of friends in the US and we have not made definite plans on what to do when visiting the US. We want to plan once we have the visa.
    If I select " do not know" for the US contact, I have to enter the Organisation name. What shall I enter there? If I put in a name there, then I have to enter the address and phone number of the organization. I am not sure what to enter there. Please help.
    Both my husband and I work in Canada. we can use our proof of employment to show our ties with Canada right?
  6. 1. You dont need to enter something which you dont have.
    2. I dont think it will ask compulsorily to enter company name and address if you say no to #1. So try not entering all the fields that are not applicable to you and see if it allows you to proceed.
    3. Yes, visa issuance should not be a problem.
  7. Hi, thank you for your response. if I select "do not know for US contact then the organization name gets active. if I click on do not know for organization name then the US contact name gets highlighted. it doesn't allow both to be marked as do not know..
  8. This embassy advises to enter the hotel information. if it would be day trip then you can give the shopping mall address - this is what we give at the border whenever we go for shopping with my family. So giving this wont be an issue.
  9. Hi, canI enter a hotel information, even though i haven't booked it? I will finalize my plans once I have the visa.. will they cross check my actual reservation with what I entered in my application, at the border?
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    Just hotel/mall information should be fine.

    Doesnt matter if they cross check because hotels and places of visit change for most of us as plans change. As long as the intent of the visa is not changed, change in location of stay or place of visit will not be a problem. Even if border guys ask(100% they wont ask), you can tell that you got to lower price in different hotel hence you did not book in that hotel.
    If visa officer asks then tell that you have not actually booked the hotel that is the probable hotel you would stay and tell that you are yet to confirm on the full plan to travel hence not booked. They know on this kind of cases a lot. Dont worry too much on it.
  11. okay, thanks a lot.
    I now have 2 questions :
    1. After completing the DS 160 form for myself, I selected the "create family application" and do I enter all the information on my spouse and child separately? do we all have different DS 160 forms?
    2. How can I fix appointments for us at the US consulate in Toronto?
  13. If you dont have a contact just mention not applicable, as long as your travel itinerary and proof of funds is clear, you will not have any trouble in getting your applciation approved.
  14. Hi, I used to applied Usa visa with refugee travel document one year ago they denied my visa. Before I don’t have pr card and now I have a pr. Can I apply usa visa ? What do you recommend for me? I used to have usa student visa.Thank you
  15. You can apply, but the chances of a denial are high. It will appear that you are attempting to go to the US to stay there permanently.

    Why do you want to go to the US?

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