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Travel (non-immigrant) visa to USA for Canadian Permanent Resident

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by RamR, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. My wife has been a Canadian Permanent Resident for just over a year. She applied for a travel visa to the USA after 11 months and was denied with the reason that she didn't have enough ties to Canada. She went to the interview with all the information and documents required but it seems we should have arranged for some other supporting documents. This time around she will go with our marriage certificate and a letter from my employee. She is studying English full-time so doesn't have employment herself.

    Are there any suggestions about what else we can do in order to make getting a visa more likely? We want her to get a multiple entry visa for short trips, driving through the USA to get to other parts of Canada and for flights through the USA to visit her home country. We don't have a specific single reason or trip planned for this visa request. Is this something that will hinder our prospects?

    Also, before she got her Canadian Permanent residence she had TB. She was fully cured of this before coming to Canada and getting her PR and she has gone through subsequent checkups here to confirm she is clear of the disease but I am concerned this might be another reason for her not to get the Visa. I'm not even sure how to answer the question on the application... whether it is asking if she has OR has ever had any disease such as TB? Any ideas about this?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. If they ask whether she has or has ever had TB, she must answer yes. She will be allowed to explain herself as part of the application. :)

    The more ties you can show, the better. There is no one golden tie, but your marriage and your job are certainly good. It would also be a good idea to explain that you intend to travel together and to show proof of her English studies in Canada. Anything else you have, like her name on a lease or property, bank accounts, etc. will help show ties to Canada.
  3. Hi,

    I agree with Karlshammar.

    My experience: I applied for a B2 Visa last year and when I attended to the interview I was a PR for only 10 days. The only tie I had to Canada was my canadian husband. I was in Canada for one year already (on a Visitor Visa), and I was not studying or working... At the Consulate, they did not ask many questions, only:

    The person interviewing me didn't ask for any of the documents I took. When I picked up my passport two days later, I saw that I received a 10-year B1/B2 visa. :)

    The documents I took with me were:

    * Passport;
    * Confirmation of Permanent Residence;
    * DS-160 Form;
    * Letter confirming I had an interview scheduled;
    * Proof that the USD$ 131 fee was paid.

    My husband's:
    * Canadian passport;
    * Letter from him stating the reason for the trip, how many days we would stay there, and that he would be paying for it - since in the form I wrote that he would be the one to pay for the trip;
    * Latest income tax;
    * 6 last pay checks;
    * Paper about the course he will attend in Hawaii.

    * Marriage certificate;
    * Itinerary from Expedia website.
  4. Hi,

    Which US consular office did you apply to?

  5. Vancouver, BC.
  6. have you ever applied for the US visa before? if yes, and had a refusal, it can act as a red flag for you. just try to get as much proof of ties as possible, the good point can also be if you mention that you travel with Canadian spouse.
    good luck and please keep us updated.
  7. wow that's a great visa! have you had a US visa before? I plan to apply for a B1/B2 visa after my current 1 year multiple entry visa expires. do you think it's possible for me to get a multiple entry again for at least 5 years if I already have several US visas granted before? thank you.
  8. Yes, I have had a 1 year student visa to USA in 2007.

    And yes, I think it is possible for you to get 5 or 10 year B1/B2 too. :D Nearly all of my friends who are PRs in Canada got 10 year B1/B2 as well, except for 2 friends that were given a 5 years visa.
  9. So, there is this question on the DS-156 form.

    "Have you ever been afflicted with a communicable disease of public health significance or a dangerous physical or mental disorder, or ever been a drug abuser or addict?"

    Does TB count under this? If she answers yes to this question it is she definitely going to have a chance to explain the situation? Last time she says that she wasn't given much a chance to explain anything and was refused almost immediately. Also, last time she answered no to this question as I think we misunderstood it. Are they going to cross-reference the two applications?

    A new question also, is it true that my wife has to go into the interview alone? I feel if I were allowed to go in with her it would do much more to show that she has ties here. We have been together for 7 years and married for over 3. I am a Canadian citizen and she is a PR and the fact she has been refused once already is crazy to me. We are very anxious about the prospect of being refused again so all the help is very much appreciated.
  10. Yes. Tuberculosis is a communicable disease of public health significance. If your wife were applying through the US Consulates in Montréal or Vancouver, since those two offices are now using the DS-160, the question would be "Do you have a communicable disease of public health significance such as tuberculosis (TB)?" and then the answer would be "No", as she is cured and doesn't have the disease anymore - but for the question on DS-156 form it is "Yes", since she has had it, although she doesn't have anymore.

    I can't say she would or would not be given the opportunity of explaining herself because you never know what is going to happen... The IO may ask her more questions about it, or may not. They have her on file already, so they will see she applied before and what were her answers - they had mine, even though I applied in another country, over two years ago, and the IO was checking it in the system as she spoke to me.

    In Vancouver they do not allow other people to come along to the interview unless under special circumstances, and I believe the procedure is the same in the other Consulates/Embassy as well. From the letter I received by e-mail when I scheduled my appointment:

  11. Thanks Maryam and others for the replies. She is applying in Toronto so I presume she has to use the DS-156 form. Why the difference? On the last application she answered "no" as we read it as "do you have" now as we look at the form again it is clear that it is "have you had". Now I am even more unsure of what we should put on her application.
  12. Only in Montréal and Vancouver the DS-160 is being used and it is a substitution for the DS-156, DS-156K, DS-157, DS-158 and DS-3032 forms. In Vancouver and Montréal the US Consulates started using it on October 22nd, 2008.

    The question on DS-160 is if the applicant has a communicable disease, and the question on DS-156 is if the applicant had a communicable disease at some point.

    Since she is applying in Toronto, she will use the DS-156, where the question is "Have you ever been afflicted with a communicable disease of public health significance or a dangerous physical or mental disorder, or ever been a drug abuser or addict?". She has had TB, even though she is cured, therefore the answer to this specific question is "Yes".
  13. Thanks again Miryam. The concern I now have is that since she answered no last time answering yes this time might cause even more trouble. Just another hurdle in an already challenging process for us.
  14. thank you, Miryam. thank you for your encouraging reply very much.
  15. I ve been in Canada since 2004 as a student visa , and I applied for PR in early 2009,got my PR since mid of 2009.
    i have my degree.
    I always been legal in Canada and travel back and forth to my country.
    I got married with Canadian in Dec 2008 and got my PR in 2009.

    Today, i was going to apply for U.S visa, for travelling with my hubby and his parents in florida.
    The U.S. Officer asked me a questions :

    What is my status before...Student visa always legal
    When did i get my PR. ..mid of 2009
    HOw long did you married...2 years
    Do you use you married to become a PR.----> What the question it is........
    Are you still Married..yes
    Am i working---yes, as assisstance manager.

    Then she said I'm not qualified because i'm just got PR and I just work not too long ago.
    So I got rejected.

    She's not even asked my hubby's infos.
    I was keep asking her why.....she just said i'm sorry, you re not qualified.

    I was not have a chance to explain myself at all.

    PS : We have been to U.S. in 2008 and my visa is expired.

    I just want to share my story how they judge people.

    I'm unlucky girl. :(

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