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Travel (non-immigrant) visa to USA for Canadian Permanent Resident

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by RamR, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. Well, my wife just had her second appointment today. She went with a lot of extra information and documents. In addition to the required documents she went with the following; a letter from me, a letter from my parents, a letter from my employer, a letter from our doctor, pictures of us together since 2003, travel reservations, a pay stub (of mine), my passport and other photocopied ID's of mine. The customs agent just briefly looked at these and gave her the visa. The agent was much more pleasant (according to my wife) than the previous one... maybe it's just a luck of the draw that you might get someone who had a bad night the night before or a bad day.

    So, she's had a good result. We're just concerned that they might just give her a single entry. She explained to the agent that she would want it for more than one occasion but there is no where in the application or interview where you request a particular type of visa.

    By the way, in Toronto now they use the DS-160 form that gets filled out online.
  2. hi

    I am a canadian pr working in canada since 4 months, i want to visit my friend who lives in USA. what is the procedure to apply visiting visa from canada

  3. Hi folks,

    I have a question, i want to apply USA visit visa, I am a canadian PR( got oct 2009) and working in govt sector, I moved canada in nov 2009 and got job at the same time.

    my background: i did master is USA and after that i worked on H1b for 2 years( i still have valid h1b( I797) but no stamping in my passport), totally i stayed 5 years in USA.

    What are my chances for getting Visiting visa with multiple entries, I want to visit my friends nad relatives in USA

    I need you valuble inputs
  4. hello my friend he want to go to USA to attend wedding, he is a canadian PR , he did apply for US visa online (ds-160) and all date is booked in calgary is it possible to book interview to ottawa or toronto if they have open date? thx
  5. Hi, i'm new form canada. I've been here from Nov.1, 2009. I'm a PR of Canada. Currently i'm 15 year's old. I need to go to U.S. To compete in DCI(Music Competition). We already know what to do and what to apply. Now we want to know how many days to approve the "Non-Immigrant Visa". Thanks.
  6. Once you get your appointment and go through the interview process it should only take a couple of days for them to mail your passport back to you with the visa in it. That was our experience anyway. If you mention to them your situation they should be able to give you a more accurate indication. Making the interview appointment as far in advance of your travel date as possible is probably a good idea none the less.

    Good luck.
  7. Hi guys, I'm a new Permanent Residential I reached Canada at 22nd of February 2013, I work for an American employer, I applied for a B1 visa at Toronto embassy to attend a conference with my employer ,, that time they gave me a yellow paper called 221g "Waiver for intelligibility" it is more than 4 months now and I haven't received the visa, when I contacted the embassy they said "It is out of our control and you have to wait till we contact you". Anybody knows how long it may take? and what could be the reason?
  8. I can't answer this question, but I found a webpage with general information about applications for a waiver of ineligibility.


    It sounds like you're supposed to send money to serve as a bond when you enter the United States. You get the money back if you comply with US immigration laws and leave the country.

    I'm not sure what they meant when they said it was out of their hands. It may be that they haven't received a response from USCIS headquarters yet.

    According to this page, the system for these applications was centralized in 2012, rather than having the applications evaluated by regional offices.


    According to this page, the processing time for Form I-601 is about 4 months:

  9. Hello Everyone,

    I have a question, I applied for a B1/B2 business visa at US consulate Montreal and have submitted all my documents. I am a Canadian PR since 2012 and am working in Montreal and the company wants me to travel to US for business purposes.

    I have following question:

    1) How long does it take for processing ?
    2) They have given me a letter stating that my file is undergoing 221 (g) administrative processing, does anyone knows about this ?

  10. See linkhttp://canada.usembassy.gov/mobile//visas/visas/processing-times.html

    Additional admin processing can take up to 60 days as per link. Are you carrying a Pakistani passport? I am assuming based on your avatar? Unfortunately that is a red flag and they'll be doing a thorough background check.

    I have freinds who are from Pakistan and you have to be very prepared and leave lots of time when going to the US, the border officers are very wary of letting them through expect a thorough grilling. Remember even with a visa its up to border officer to let you through.
  11. Hi my friend,
    I'm exactly in the same situation than you (and a holder of an Algerian passport ;)) , my employer requested me to travel to US for business purposes. I'm a canadian permanent resident, I have already submitted my DS-160 and I want to know how long the administrative processing is gonna take.

    Thank you a lot! your help is appreciated!
  12. Hey Cute!!!
    hi, my name is Abdou!! i was going through the posts and i see that you lived in the USA with a h1b visa? i did too , i just moved to Canada from on July 9th 2014 as a Permanent resident and i wanted to know how it is here in canada , did you adjust....? it was hard for me but positive, took me a while 5 months to get a job in my field (Business Analyst). I just wanted to know if you like it here in Canada or not..or r u back to the states? thanks for your reply.
  13. Do you realize that the post was entered by the individual almost 5 years ago?
  14. hey,
    yeah I do !just trying to see if he is still around lol , hav nothing to loose as I want to know how is life here n does he like it. just moved here recently. surprising...u r here
  15. Its always arbitrary. I'm a Pakistani too but I got my passport back with a US visa within 2 days of my appointment at the Consulate General of USA Vancouver.

    Since then, I've made 4 entries to the US, 3 of them from the Vancouver side, and one of them departing from Toronto. The officers in Toronto made me go through secondary, but when on Vancouver side (Pacific Highway / Peace Arch crossings), I'm usually waved through in a minute with basic questions.

    At Toronto airport you can be sure of a thorough grilling/interview (and wastage of at least 30 mins - 45 mins) - the officers will be very interested about any trips to Pakistan you've made in the past few years, conversely the west coast environment is more relaxed, understanding, accommodating and friendly.

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