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Transcripts from Mumbai University

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by jeea, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I am nearly submitting my documents to ND and apparently they need transcripts in university sealed envelopes, can you guys please suggest how do we get that done? How long does it take?

    I have done my Engg from a college affiliated to Mumbai University. I have got official transcripts from my college. Is it necessary to send transcripts in university sealed envelopes or the college official transcripts will suffice? I also have notarized copies of my mark sheets.

    Please suggest.


  2. hi jeea

    u need to submit ur official transcripts which u got frm ur engg college in University sealed envelopes . U can visit the Students Welfare Center of Mumbai University located next to Sydenham college Churchgate. give an application mentioning the purpose and also request them that u need them urgently. Even i have done engg frm Mumbai Univ and i need those transcripts. When i had gone thr they told me that it takes arnd one month to attest, put the transcripts in envelopes and seal them. so u better hurryyyy. Pls share ur noc and ur timeline. i m applying as FSW1 0213. I will be sending my application to CIO on 21 June but i m getting all my documents ready beforehand.

    All the best

  3. What if your are in U.S.A and your college is in india..?? My college is not good in correspondence...please advise
  4. Hi Ppai

    My husband is also an alumni of VJTI when it was still affiliated with Mumbai University. He visited the Student welfare center in Churchgate but they told him that they dont attest the transcript for visa purposes. They also told him that you need to collect the transcripts from the college and then put it into and envelope. The envelope must carry the address of the institute where you intend to send the transcripts.

    Did you also face the same problem? Plz share your experience.
  5. The answer Sapana put regarding University transcripts of Mumbai University is absolutely RIGHT. I had been there in Sept 2009 and faced the same problem. Later on my college charged me a few bucks and gave the same in college envelope sealed. It worked fine for me.

  6. Guess I am too confused now!

    I already have the official transcripts from my college in regular sealed envelope. I went to Mumbai University today and they made me run from pillar to post. Finally I was asked to contact the Student welfare for the transcripts in University sealed envelopes. But they are too lazy to take request(s) and are upfront confirming that it would not be any sooner than a month.

    I also have notarized copies of my mark sheets. Would that help? Please suggest.


  7. Shibuya,
    I think we will also do the same. Get the transcripts from VJTI and get it sealed and stamped in their envelope. It would save us a lot of time and money. As we dont stay in Mumbai anymore it is pain to chase the Mumbai university people.

    Thanks for your response.
  8. yes sapna is right. my wife also has done mms from mumbai university. the churchgate office told us they do not issue transcripts, we would have to collect it from our respective colleges. so we went to the college and easily got thetranscripts after paying a precribed fee. the girl at the college counter said many alumni come and do this she seemed aware of the procedure. this is FYI
  9. I dont know why Mumbai University has this stupid process for transcripts. And if they are not issuing transcripts why the hell it takes them 1 month to get it sealed in the stamped envelope.

    In Pune and Aurangabad universities you have an One Window system where you just pay the fees and submit the receipt with the form and your marksheets of all the semesters and you can collect the transcripts in 15 days.
    Sometimes you can request the university people and get it on the same day as well.

    This process in MU really is stupid. Anyways cant do much about it.
  10. Yeah you are reading my mind :)
  11. I agree, the students welfare does not help you out for the visa purposes. They suggested me to get it done from the college itself.

    So if anyone is going there, don't it wouldn't help.

  12. i did master of marketing part-time ( MMM) from Somaiyya . WES told me to get all mark lists attested . 1- is it required to attest all mark lists? 2- is transcript summary compulsory ? 3- can any one send form for transcript and attestation from Mumbai university ? 4- i lost 3 2 marklists . can any one send send form for duplicate mark list . ? pangroup@outlook.com
  13. Dear All,

    I wanted to share my recent experience for others to benefit. I have done my B.Sc from R.D National college in Mumbai (Mumbai University). If you are applying for Canada immigration then you should get the transcripts from the college and open it and make a photocopy post which you need to take the Marksheets photocopy for all the three years along with one set of photocopy of transcripts (received from college)+ Original transcript

    You will need to visit Department of student welfare which is next to Sydenham college in churchgate.They will make you fill a form and will mention it that it will take one month. Just speak to them politely and nicely and they will tell u d realistic timeline. Post which you should received the transcripts signed, stamped and sealed by the registrar (Mumbai University) on the date mentioned by the Dept of Students welfare.

    Hope this would be helpful. Best of luck to all.
  14. Hello every body

    I need help / guidance on how get marksheet attested from Mumbai University. This is required by WES for filling FSW applicationand they request to put the attested copy in seal envelop for forwarding to them.

    I have done Bachelor of Engineering ( B.E ) from K.J.Somaiya College of Engg attached to Mumbai University

    Which office of University i need to go ? Pl share complete address and phone nos if possible
    What is the procedure and what documents i need to submit
    What is the fee and processing time.

  15. I know this is an old topic but this seems to be the right place for my question.

    Any of you guys have an idea how much Mumbai university charge for the transcript? I am a B.E.


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