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Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by ntwkengg, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. My card got approved on 12th Feb but haven't received it yet. I am in Edmonton. A bit worried!
  2. It can take about 7 to 10 days for a letter to arrive from east to west, especially considering that today it was a holiday in several provinces (I guess in Alberta too). Also, I believe after approval, it may take some days for them to mail it. If I were you, I would wait for at least one more week, then I would call IRCC.

    Can I ask you when did you land btw?
  3. Canada Post should be on a normal working day schedule according to their website and several others. But I believe you're right, I need to wait a few more days before calling IRCC.

    I landed on 21st Dec-17.
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    My friend just stated as "document", and put the PR Card envelopes into the DHL envelop. That's it.
    When you check DHL website, you'll see that they even carry passports under the name of "document".

    I believe this "PR Cards cannot sent via courier, or they cannot pass through the customs, etc." stories are all myth.
    We paid approx 80 CAD to DHL Express, but I have a commercial account in DHL, maybe you might have to pay slightly more if you do not have any agreement.
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  5. I was able to check in online. I had my boarding passes printed on a machine at the airport, by manually typing in my passport number, expiration date, etc. I did not have to talk to any human.


  6. Does anyone know which date of photo received they are processing currently?
  7. guys i landed dec 22nd 2017, got letter to resubmit pictures on Feb 14th.I sent in by express post and it was delivered today.The problem for me is ..i have my vacation booked for April 6th. Do you guys think i will get this in time
  8. In my case, the picture with my information was attached to copr. I called cic today; they said it's the first time they hear that IRCC has returned one of the pictures!!! I have landed for 33 days now and the agent on the phone said that there is no request for new pictures on my application as of now.
  9. Landed on 19-Dec-2017 (In land landing at Edmonton)
    PR Card APPROVED on Feb-07-2018
    PR Card Delivered: Feb-15-2018 (Edmonton)
    My wife and son PR card delivered on current address however my card was delivered on my old address. Even though I called IRCC after landing and requested for change of address for all of us. Guys make sure your address is updated with IRCC. All the best for all who are waiting for PR card.
  10. I landed on Jan 5, 2018. Did not submit the PR card application during landing as the officer did not let me do so. Updated address at the end of Jan over phone, and our PR cards have been approved today (20th Feb). Anxiously waiting for mail to arrive.
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  11. Congrats!, hopefully you will get your card soon, just wondering, did your status changed to "The additional documents you provided are being reviewed." before your card was approved? I landed on Jan 7th and my status changed to that on Saturday.
  12. I didn't track so closely. I opened today after a week just to see that it was approved today.

    In my opinion, that doesn't indicate meaningful. Because I and my kid have this as final status - "The additional documents you provided have been uploaded." while my spouse has the status that you mentioned. If you want to believe that it works for your personal satisfaction, you could do so, but it definitely means nothing at all! :)
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  13. Hi,

    After the status changes to Approved, how to know whether the PR Card is dispatched? Does CIC notify by email or is it by calling Customer Care?


  14. Oh, wow. I didn't know we had to check manually by logging into the account. I thought that after linking the application to the account, we would be notified by email. I just opened the account now (I hadn't checked it in more than a week), and I just saw my PR card was approved. I didn't receive absolutely any email. I think it was updated today, as it says "Status Updated Date: 2018/02/20". Not sure if I will receive an email tomorrow maybe?

    I landed on Jan 11 btw. Just 40 days from landing to approval then! Can't wait to get my card! :)

    Thank you so much, DEEPCUR!
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  15. Hey guys, my card was approved on 12th feb and mailed the same day. However nothing was received after that. Is it possible that the mail was returned back as I didn’t put the unit number of my apartment.

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