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To all Members - Read Helpful Hints ..before applying to buffalo

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by cuterash, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Hi,do Manila visa office send AOR ?
  2. Hi guys. I am a PhD candidate in Quebec. Will I be eligible for CSQ without French qualifications?
  3. Hi,
    I have more than 5 years of experience in Software engineering (software development).
    All my experience certificates mention 'Software Engineer'.

    Software engineering is a regulated occupation in Canada. Do I need to obtain license / certification before applying for nomination program?
    I have worked all along in software development and would be searching jobs in software development only.

    Is there difference between 2173 (Software Engineers and Designers ) and 2174 (Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers).
    2173 requires license while 2174 doesn't.
    Can I apply under 2174 without the need of license, where my experience certificate shows me software engineer?
  5. Hi
    will you please tell me

    i have created express entry profile as i have done IELTS and my WES eca is not completed yet
    can still send EOI to PEI and to some other provinces

    what r the chances they can accept my application and ask me to send formal application with full documents.which obviously i will do after one month as my ECA will get completed

    can i still send EOI to the provinces

    thanks in advance
  6. .
    .You wont be able to submit your EE Profile before adding the ECE no., which in turn means that you wont be able to send any EOIs to PEI as they require you to have a completed EE Profile..
  8. Hi everyone,
    Please can you all enlighten me on the buffalo nomination program. is this buffalo in Canada? what province is it and how can I start the application process. thanks!
  9. If there is wats app group regarding Buffalo pnp can someone pls add me
    Thanks in advance
  10. Hello sir i have one query about most sutable NOC for PNP of my profile

    I have M.Com degree and about 5 year experience in financial and accounting. But i have confused about NOC ........is any Professional cource required or MCom is sufficient for NOC 1111

    I have done ilets with CLB 7, complete WES
  11. Why is this still up?Buffalo CPC was closed in favor of CPC Ottawa.Just wondering :D
  12. Hello guys,

    I would like to start my application for MPNP and as I would like to attend to 5 days program in Manitoba, does anyone knows how I can receive the invitation letter?

    Is there any guidance for it?

    Your reply would be pretty much appreciated.

    Bahar ( April)
  13. Hi,
    As per new roles by Canada gov regarding certification require for Software engineer.
    I have 7 years of experience in IT Web application development (Software engineer).
    I had send email to CIPS before 1 month with my master degree transcript for selection of route but still I do not any response from them.

    Please help me...
    Thanks in advance.
  14. Please tell me what are all the documents are require for each province? How best I can prepare to apply pnp?

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