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Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Rossei, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. It's all a matter of budgeting. CIC is ridiculously understaffed. They have 5000 employees in general with many case processing agents working on temporary contracts. Yet, they manage to issue 250.000 immigrant visas yearly. USCIS has 19000 employees, and although the USA has 10 times as large population as Canada's, green card and citizenship applications are processed in less than 6 months on American soil.
  2. 8:10AM is the time they reached the office. The actual delivery time is around 8:30AM.
  3. Judging by FSW experience, many applicants failed to do it as well, but it was not regarded as a critical mistake by CIC, and their applications were put into processing.
  4. Imagine if the cap is 5000 for next year and Happy Road or any other local courier gets more than 5000 applications each. They were will be another level of competition. :-\

    5000 * $200 = $1,000,000 will be winning lottery for them just because CIC is fool enough to not implement a streamlined method of accepting applications.
  5. I will be lucky to see charge in my cc. The cc i gave expires in may.. Missed the note on form that cc should be valid atleast for 9 months from submission or they will send application back.. Really nervous rite now :-[
  6. Lets hope as many people as possible get in. I did believe they will increase the cap but I think the amount they will keep to themselves hence the vagueness. So it is positive. every thousand they increase will help. Just by broadcasting it commits them to do so there is no turning back.

    I assume happy roads has a lot of clients from this forum from their history here so the initial reports will be happy roads successful clients reporting more often by shear statistics. I did see HR VW and MM bins being put in to similar cages. I left after that so I cant attest to more for the others. But there was still a lot of room so don't lose hope.

    At this stage all that matters is that as many people are successful irrespective of who delivered and the eventual increase in the cap will allow for greater success. Many have tried for several years so It would be good for them finally.

    I am surprised at the earliness of processing of CC. I expected it would be longer I guess the trained smart monkeys they hired to help the human staff are better and faster than I thought. We should elect some to queens park and parliament and get more done.

    Good luck to all

    I am sure it will be an unprecedented positive year and record setting for application acceptance and that many of you will be pleasantly surprised.
  7. Don't worry we don't need to write in native language on that form even though it says on top... thius form is there since Sep 2013 and is standard for all class... so I did applied for my wife in 2014 using the same form which is just checked and never put any name in native language... she is here for almost a year now and application was not even delayed for that reason...so relax everyone.
  8. Here we go again.. LOL
  9. Same when I applied for my PR. I don't know how to write in my native language so I just used English. It should be fine
  10. FSW stands for Federal Skilled Worker.
    CIC has operational bulletins that are used across all types of applications for processing and that identify what is considered a critical error and what they can turn a blind eye on. If this wasn't an issue for FSW apps, then it's safe to assume that your PGP app will be safe as well.
  11. Last year PUROLATOR is the best courier that is why most of us here in the west choose them as our courier. But the failed to do their job as what they did last year..

    So next year we will never know who will be the best one.. For sure next years courier choice will be the couriers who will be on top of this forum.. .. :D :D :D :D
  12. Thanks a ton!! Do you know where I can find the " Operational Bulletins " on website? everything crossed
  13. If we don't make this time i'll better pass my application to someone in GTA one week in advance and will ask that person to go check the line 2 days earlier...whoever is first in line just go to there office and drop the application... :)
  14. Thanks!! Hope that is true.
  15. As per the document checklist here it is what it states:

    Option C print out or Notice of Assessment (NOA) issued by the Canada Revenue Agency for each of the three most recent taxation years.

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