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Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by mharia milani, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Any one of you know the timeline for processing to sponsor a refugee when outside Canada? (1) (2)yrs???and also is it possible to travel to Canada as tourist first while processing group of five sponsor?If yes is it enough to travel using refugee travel document or will be required to get eta?temporary visitor visa?or>>>>?Thanks

    appreciate your response..
  2. 2+ years. There is a backlog of applications. If the family qualifies for G5 sponsorship if is highly unlikely that they qualify for a TRV. An RTD is used for protected people already in Canada and who have already had their hearing. The family will have to remain in whatever country they are currently living in.
  3. The processing time within Canada is about 5 months ( in my case ) before the file gets transferred to Canadian embassy overseas. Then the embassy processing time depends on the location.
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  4. Hello, i was applying group of five sponsership and my application received after few days but not yet Approved almost 4 month and 15 days now? Is that normal? Online states said on process, Can anyone tell me Average of processing time for first stage approval?
  5. Hello guys, the application depends: where you are based, your story( Normal cese or Emergency case), how many you are in the family.... I know someone that took him 6months.. it was very quick
  6. It is not always quick. It could take a couple of years. All depends on what stage of the process you are at. There is a relatively small yearly quota for private sponsorships.
  7. W
    Where are you applying from??? It depends sometimes???
  8. Hello guys....any body applying from south Africa as group five refugee?????
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  9. Yes I'm applying from South Africa and you? Are you in South?
  10. Where exactly and you come from which country As a refugee?
  11. I am here since 2006....i am from east Africa....staying around Jozi
  12. You are using a status
  13. You are using a status?
  14. Yes ...you must have the status to apply to a group 5
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