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Thread for 2017 - Dependent Child sponsorship Applications


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Sep 11, 2010
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Hi, I am a father of twins born in India in Jan 2019. I and my wife are both PR of Canada and Citizens of India. We have spent 9 months in Canada and since 2 years we are in India. Now planning to go back.
1. How much time it takes for children PR visa if I go to Canada now and put the file while my wife and twins are here in India?
2. Shall we do as I mentioned above or we should take the twins on visitor visa and than apply? Which one is fast and appropriate?

Seconldly, f I may plan to travel Canada alone next month, so Can I put Trv first right now or do sponsorship after reaching Canada. Initial after reaching there i dont have job still I can Sponsor my twins ? please post your suggestions
Congratulations on twins ! I have too !
1. Child sponsorship (Family Sponsorship) currently is taking up to 17 months.

2. Chances of a visitor visa are very trim as your main intention is clearly getting them a PR. It does not go well with the visa officer.

Some good news, You do not need a job to file your kid's sponsorship nor you have to provide any proof of financial assistance.

I would recommend to take the hard but the sure shot way which is coming down to Canada and applying for their sponsorship. Best of Luck !


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Mar 16, 2021
Application to sponsor a dependent child
Just sharing my time line so that I can follow everyone who applied around the same time
Application received feb 12,2021
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