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Thread for 2017 - Dependent Child sponsorship Applications

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by The_Dark_Knight, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Since there is no minimum income requirement for dependent sponsorship, you can safely assume that unemployment won't have any bearing on application.
  2. A few questions please, I am new to this and trying to learn

    1. If the sole sponsor is a Canadian citizen, does he need to be in Canada during the time of the application?

    2. For minor children living in Laos (duly listed on their mother’s original permanent residency application & they had and passed medical exams as required at that time) approximately how long does it take from application date to final approval ?

    3. Since the children had and passed medical at the time of their mothers pr application, will they need to take medical again?

    The first question is the one that is really important to me.

    Thank you
  3. 1. Yes. Sponsor has to be in Canada for entire duration of application. Short trips outside of Canada are OK but primary residence should be in Canada. I was asked to submit proof of residency in Canada and I had submitted my Driving License, OHIP card, Credit card statements, Checking Account statements, Phone bills, Internet bill, Hydro bill, Lease, Renter's insurance and Auto insurance as proof.
  4. Appnov2014ny, thank you for the response. May I ask if your own status is as a PR or as a Canadian citizen? I was thinking when I read the requirements that the physical presence requirement applied only to PR, but maybe I didn’t read and understand correctly.

    Also, I would like to know approximately when after submission of the application you were asked to provide that proof of residency. Thank you
  5. Canadian citizens don't have Physical presence requirements since children born to Canadian citizens are Canadian Citizens themselves. But I guess your case is a bit different.

    If you check last few pages in this thread then you will find my timelines of application.
  6. Hey guys!
    Im sponsoring my minor dependent children (previous relationship) and is wondering if my spouse is needed as a cosigner when applying for CSQ?
    Thanks in advance!
  7. So we had the unique option where my son went back to India in Jan 2019 and came back in March and his 6 months validity of the stay starts from March 2019. So we did not need to apply for an extension since his CoPR has come through before that itself.
  8. Hello Mathews - Quick Qs for you

    1. How did OHIP process for your child go? What all documents did Service Ontario ask?
    2. How are you finishing landing formalities for your child? At the border or one of the IRCC centers?
  9. >> Not yet. I have been waiting since May 17th for the confirmation of the landing appointment and still have not heard back. have raised web forms and written to the CIC ID as well but no response yet.
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  10. thanks. How about documents required for your Child's OHIP?
  11. They just need the childs passport and CoPR. Rest will be your documents that will need to prove ID and address.
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  12. congratulations
  13. just got the pre arrival letter for my 2 children. does it mean i have to register my kids for the services online?
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  14. No. These are optional. If you are well aware of how "things" work in Canada then no need to register.
  15. does anyone here got PPR and knows how to send passport thru VFS its kinda confusing with the payment and instructions

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