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Super visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Walera, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I and my wife plan to apply for super visa for my Mum an Dad on. Since i will be applying online, do I use 1 invitation letter for both of them (my dad and my mum) or should i use individual invitation letter for each applicant.

    Should 'how long they plan to stay' determine the 'fund available for their stay' in the application form. For instance if they plan to stay for 6 months, how much fund should i put on the application form for their stay.

    Though, i and my wife are their sponsors. Based on our 2017 tax assessment we met the LICO, but so far this year because my wife has been on maternity we are little below. However, i indicated in the invitation letter she will be back to work after her maternity. Will this make any difference.

    What do i upload in the supporting document section where they ask 'Purpose of Travel - Other (required)' since i don't have the ticket and the travel itinerary yet. Can i just upload a copy of the invitation letter again.

    Finally, what kind of document do I upload in 'Client Information' section of the online application.

    Thank you in anticipation of your kind response.
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  2. Combined invitation letter.

    The amount available as their financial resources.

    Also, if they plan to stay for only 6 months then TRVs would be a better idea.

    If you do not meet LICO and/or your bank balance is not solid then it might be worth considering TRVs instead.

    You can
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  3. Thank you so much Bryanna, you have remain a valuable asset to this forum.

    The amount available for their financial resources is strictly from me and my wife to the tune of $8,000 in my wife's savings account plus our monthly income. The reason why we chose super visa is because they are financial dependent on us for this trip and the plan is to have them stay 6 months minimum. They may stay more than 6 months, maximum of 1 year. I put 6 month in the application because that was what we did for my mother in law and she got 2 years visa with 1 year stamp at point of entry, plus based on the financial resources available.

    In determining our LICO, do I include my parents in the family size unit or is it just me, my wife and the 3 kids?

    My understanding of TRV is that my parents will have to provide the proof of funds and they do not make that much money to sponsor their trip. In addition TRV is only limited to 6 months, and i want them to stay for about 1 year if possible.

    They are both retired. My dad is been earning pension for several years and this reflects in his bank statement, while my mum just retired and they haven't started paying her pension, hence it doesn't reflect in her bank statement. However, she has about C$3000 in her savings account and my dad has a landed property to his name as a tie to the country.

    Can i apply for TRV for them and still be the one to provide their financial resources.

    A friend told me I can apply for TRV, and apply for an extension before 6 months. How true is this Bryanna?

    Please kindly advise the best option based on the information above.

    Thanking you again in anticipation of your prompt response
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    Based on the current IRCC updates, a super visa stay of up to 2 years is possible only on the initial visit. If your parents are granted super visas but they decide to stay for just 6-12 months then the one-time opportunity to stay for up to 2 years would be lost.

    Do state a visit of at least 8-10 months otherwise there's a possibility that their applications could be considered for regular TRVs if a 6 months' visit is stated.

    You must prove you meet LICO for yourself + your wife + your three children + your parents + your mother-in-law (if she was invited on a super visa) + your dad-in-law (if you had applied for a super visa for him).

    LICO for 8 persons if your dad-in-law was not invited for a super visa, or

    LICO for 9 persons if your dad-in-law was invited for a super visa

    That said, if your/the combined incomes of your wife and yourself do not meet LICO then I would recommend you do not apply for super visas for your parents.

    In addition to LICO, you would need to include other financial evidence to prove you can support your parents' stay such as financial investments, pension funds, bank statements, employment letter(s), etc.

    1. Is your mom and dad entitled to any other post-retirement benefits?

    2. Do your parents need to return home to renew their pension each year?

    3. When does your mom's pension likely to begin?

    Is it a residential property or land?

    Does he earn any income from this property?

    Do they have a mortgage?

    You can extend support to the point of accommodation and maybe offering to pay for their airfare. Your parents must prove they won't be too financially dependent on you. That said, if they are able to prove they have other strong reasons to return home then their slightly inadequate financial situation might not affect the visa decisions.

    Yes, it is true. All going well, if your parents are granted TRVs + if the officer at the POE allows them to stay for up to 6 months, your parents can apply to extend their stay.

    Other points:
    1. Regardless of a TRV or a super visa, the purpose of your parents' visit must not be to take care of your wife or your newborn baby.

    2. Do your parents live with other dependents (your unmarried siblings, your grandparents)?

    3. Do they have a lease/rent agreement for the place where they live? Or do they own that property?

    4. Do your parents volunteer for any social, religious or other causes?
  5. Ones again, Thank you very much Bryanna!

    Before I answer your questions let me say we have decided to go with TRV based on your previous advice.

    1. We only applied for super visa for my mother in law (no father in law) and she will be going back home in October 2018 before my parents' arrival in November 2018. So she will not be part of the family size unit for LICO in the case of Super visa. However, do i need to indicate in the Invitation letter that my mother in law is due to return home in October or i should just ignore that?

    2. I have my bank statements and my wife's bank statements + wife savings a/c statement showing (C$8000) amount we saved so far for the trip + my recent pay stub + proof of our residential property + our 2017 tax assessment papers + my parents statements (with C$3000) + copy of their residential property.... all in one file as the proof of financial resources.

    3. I think they are only entitled to their pension as retirement benefits (for dad monthly pension and may be for mum pension arrears and monthly pension for mum)

    4. Yes they both need to return home to renew their pension. I have a copy of my dad's pension renewal (2017 verification slip) attached with the proof of financial resources. Mum doesn't have the verification slip yet because she is yet to start receiving pension, however , i am sure she may have to return home earlier than expected to go collect her pension advice.

    5. I cannot say for sure when mum pension will begin. I remember it took my dad about 1.5 years after retirement before his pension began and mum is more than 7 months into her retirement already.

    6. It is a residential property in Dad's name but own by Dad and Mum. They do not earn income from it and they do not pay mortgage.

    7. We plan to pay for their transportation and take care of their accommodation and feeding, including their well-being and these are already indicated in the invitation letter. Though i do not know if dad's pension verification exercise and mum's unpaid pension + the residential property + my younger brother that is technically dependent on them are strong reasons to prove they will return home.

    Other Points:
    1. The Purpose stated in the cover letter is "to spend time with us and more importantly to meet with their grand kids for the first time"

    2. They live with my younger brother who is technically dependent on them.

    3. They own the residential property they live in and do not pay mortgage or make income from it.

    4. Yes my day volunteers as a pastor and my mum too is an active volunteer in the church. Will that count?

    Thank you again in anticipation of your kind advice.
  6. She will continue to remain part of the LICO calculations until her super visa expires.

    It's not required to mention this either for your parents' TRVs or super visas.

    I recommend:
    1. You and your parents save up significantly more before applying, and

    2. You can apply only for your mom (that would reduce the financials to be shown + your dad can be shown as the family tie to return home to)


    This point must be included with the necessary supporting evidence for the pension rules + the status of the pension processing especially for your mom.

    What do the legal ownership documents say? Is your mom's name on those documents?

    They could highlight the 'no mortgage' aspect.

    I believe your CAD 8,000 will be on the lower side to pay for your parents' airfare + other expenses. Hence the suggestion to save up more before applying.

    Except for the residential property (no liabilities, no rental income, no home renovation plans, etc), the other two points i.e. your dad and mom's pension and your dependent younger brother are reasons for their return home.

    If I may ask in what way is your younger brother dependent on your parents? Is he a minor? Unmarried? Financially dependent or in other ways?

    I would be very cautious with the choice of words in the invitation letter and other documents.

    Is some church event scheduled after their intended visits for which your mom/dad must return?

    Yes, this can be shown as a social tie to return home to
  7. Thank you Bryanna for your time!

    The Legal ownership document only has my Dad's name.

    Please what do you mean by 'thy could highlight the no mortgage aspect', can you through more light.

    He is not a minor, he is unmarried and financially dependent on them.

    Do I include this points in a separate letter with the pension document attached or should include it in the cover letter.

    Do i show it in the invitation letter or in the separate letter like the pension one.

    Thank you ones again.
  8. Do we have to give NOA for a year or is it 3 years,
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    A year NOA (most recent) is what you give for super visa or TRV.
  10. Hi Bryanna, in addition to the last set of questions I asked on Thursdays which i still await your kind replies, below is a sample of the invitation letter based on you advice and suggestions:


    I, ……… (Date of Birth) with PR number ……… and my wife ………. (Date of birth) with PR number …… of the above address would like to invite my father and mother to Canada for a period of 6 months to visit us and meet with their grandkids for the first time, name (age), name (age) and name (age).

    This letter is to invite:

    Name: Father’s name

    Address: Father’s Address

    Date of birth: Father’s DoB

    Passport number: Father’s passport number

    Name: Mother’s name

    Address: Mother’s name

    Date of birth: Mother’s DoB

    Passport number: Mother’s passport number

    They plan to arrive Canada November 3, 2018 and depart April 27, 2019. Father’s name and Mother’s name are both government retirees as well as active volunteer pastor and deaconess respectively with the name of church. They both need to return home latest April 27, 2019 for the Pastors’ Conference event in May 2019 as well as their pension verification/renewal exercise that holds in June 2019. They both own a residential property which has to undergo maintenance/renovation every year.

    They will be staying with us at our home address ………. We will be responsible for their airfare and accommodation throughout their stay in Canada. I work with ………. and my wife is on maternity leave but she worked at ………… prior to her maternity leave and will be returning to work at the end of her maternity leave. Attached with this application are all relevant supporting documents.

    Thank you for your anticipated assistance.

    Yours Sincerely

    My name and signature

    Wife’s name and signature
  11. Thank you for your reply.
  12. Hi I want to apply for my parents super visa. Can I apply online from Canada. And will I be able to pay fees online from my Canadian accounts.
  13. Yes you can apply online. And pay the fees there too
  14. Ideally, NOAs for the last three years to indicate stable income. Otherwise at least the most recent NOA + other evidence of financial support for your parents' visit
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  15. In that case, it is not a tie for your mom to return home to.

    Zero mortgage/paid off the mortgage = Good financial situation

    Your parents' can include him as a family tie to return home to along with the necessary evidence

    The cover letter is kind of the summary of the entire application. It provides a snapshot at one glance.

    You can mention the pension point in the cover letter + an explanation for the Overall Strong Ties. All evidence must be referenced

    Same as the point for the pension

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