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Super Visa Sample Invitation Letter

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by TorontoY3K, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. I have previously promised that I will submit a detail feed back once my mom got visa. Unfortunately I was busy up until now. I have gotten lots of request for sample invitation letter therefore I am attaching it below. My mom recently became widow and I am the only child so getting super visa was a very challenging. In her first attempt the Super Visa was rejected stating that she has strong ties in Canada. So I decided to hire an immigration lawyer as I was desperate to get her here and also wasn't aware of this forum at that time. The immigration law firm took my money without doing any work and dragged it for ever(I am in the process of trying to get my money back so I will write a detail review about this experience later).

    Anyways, after going through this forum and reading all the posts related to super visa application, I was able to successfully submit the application by myself and bring my mom to Canada. A big thanks goes to Gary Goldshmidt from stone-hedgefinancialgroup. After reading his posts in this forum, I contacted him to see if he can provide any specific advise for my case and also to choose appropriate super visa medical insurance package for me. After hearing my story, he advised me to submit specific supporting documents and also told me it's better if I get a supporting letter from my MP. I think that advise made a big difference in my case. Different people may have different issues but getting a letter from MP was the biggest asset in my case. Even though Gary is a insurance broker/financial adviser, he has so much knowledge about immigration as he deals with different type of customers and have heard about many stories like mine. I called him multiple times with many doubts and questions and he always explained to me in details on what should be done. He didn't expect that he will spend his valuable time to provide free advise (nowadays nobody provides free advise. I paid consultation fee to my law firm but it was a joke as I have to tell them what should be done). I am not trying promote Gary here but when a person spend time with you and helps you out without any expectation, you will have to appreciate that.

    I am a rookie and there are so many professional advisers in this forum who post lots of valuable information. Just go through them and read them all and submit a strong application which is hard to reject. Any supporting document or evidence you provide will just benefit you (even it may look stupid to you or others). I wish you all the best and if you have any question, you may msg me and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

    Below list are some of the supporting documents recommended:

    1) Asset info -> If he has a land / house under his/her name then provide the deed and certified valuation of the property.
    2) Financial status-> Bank statement, pension, fixed deposit & etc
    3) Job -> If he/she is currently working / doing any temporary work, then provide proof of that
    4) Family -> Does he/she has any son or daughter? or any close family he is living with? Get letters from them stating why he need to be back?
    5) Religious ties -> If he/she is member of any religious organization then provide letter or proof from church, temple, mosque & etc
    6) Strong Invitation Letter from you stating why you are inviting him? How long he will stay? Why he will be going back? You may list his daily activities and his active life style or any hobbies / work that he enjoys there & etc
    7) Letter from your Member of parliament specially if you got rejected in the past for a stupid reason (you have to take all your proof and ask them provide a supporting letter. If you get this letter...you have a very good chance).
    8) Any other documents, facts or pictures (not necessary) to prove strong ties back home.

    Letter of Invitation Sample:

    Date, 201#

    The Visa Officer
    High Commission of Canada
    Immigration Visa Section
    City, Country

    LETTER OF INVITATION – Full Name of applicant

    Dear Sir/Madam:
    I am submitting herewith a Letter of Invitation in support of a Super Visa Application for my Applicant’s full nameto facilitate temporary visits to Canada. (Proof of relationship document – son’s birth certificate attached).

    This Letter of Invitation provides all the details regarding this proposed visit, with the assurance that the intention for the visit is entirely bona fide and that my Relationship of applicant has every intention of returning to her/his home and life in Home Country Name, and leave Canada in accordance with the visa regulations.

    Reason and Duration of This Visit
    I am extending this invitation to my Relationship of Applicant, for a duration, month visit to take place from Month Year to Month Year. , At the end of the visit she/he, will go back to name of home country, as (provide any important reason(s) for return) ,. I/we, have resided in Canada for number, years, and as the son/daughter, of my Relationship of Applicant,, it is my sincere wish that she/he, be permitted to visit me here so she/he, can see my home, become acquainted with my friends/relatives and tour this beautiful country. I/we, will host my Applicant, during this visit and bear all expenses related to food, accommodation and travel, including airfare for this visit. (A copy of my “applicant’s relationship” return travel booking is attached).

    Visitor’s Background and Establishment of Residence in HomeCountry

    (In this section, explain where the applicant is located, what he/she does for living, job, hobbies, activities, volunteer work, member of any organization (including religious organization) & etc. ,

    (Also provide financial / property asset info & previous travel history,

    Financial Assets include land and a home in (City, valued at (amount in local currency, (Dollar value $####CAD). In addition she/he maintains an average balance of (bank balance in local or Canadian currency) at the (Bank Name) ,. (She/he, leads a comfortable life on what (she/he, has and I am financially well-established and in a position to provide any additional financial support (she/he, needs. ( (Deed and Government certified Valuation of the Home and proof of Bank Balance attached),.

    Visitor’s Travel History
    My (Applicant, has previously travelled to (Country, in Year[/color], on holiday visas to visit ( (whomever) or tour, (refer attached document (Travel History – attach photocopy of any previous visa from passport (even if it is from expired passport))

    Inviter’s Details and Establishment in Canada
    I have resided in Canada since (Year) . I am single/married and own my own house/apartment. I have been employed for over # years with company name as your position at a total annual income of approximately $##### a year. It has always been my sincere wish that my relationship of applicant who have sacrificed so much for me/my family are able to visit me/us and spend time to with me/us to witness in person how well I/we have settled. You may further explain why they should visit you? Eg: to see grandchildren, attend birthday function, anniversary & etc
    (Proof of Canadian citizenship, employment and financial documents attached).

    I am capable and committed to hosting my Relationship of Applicant during her stay and bear all expenses related to this visit including her airfare to Canada and back to home country

    I clearly meet the financial criteria for the Super Visa and will purchase the required Medical Insurance. (Refer attached Medical Insurance document) You must attach a copy of 1 year super visa medical insurance.

    Additional Information and Commitment to Return to Home Country
    Explain why he/she won’t stay in Canada. Why she/he will be going back home and when? Think about all possible reasons and clearly explain.

    Eg: Have daughter, son, granddaughter/son, property & etc back home. If she/he has any other commitments back home. If she/he is part of any organization/volunteer work and her/his role/activity in the organization & why they need him/her back & etc.

    I would also like to state that she cannot stay too long in Canada as she must be back in Home Country as (Provide the reasons for her/his return)

    My Applicant leads a very contented & comfortable life in Home Country in her own home and gets all necessary support & love from daughter/son. She/he has never been keen to uproot herself/himself and come to Canada. As her son/daughter I always wished to share my success and wellbeing with my parents and requested them to visit me so that they can share this joy with me. (If her/his application was previously rejected, explain the reason for rejection and why she/he should be considered for getting a visa)

    I believed the Super Visa was well suited to my Relationship of Applicant, who prefers not to uproot herself from Home Country and would still like to visit me periodically and spend time with me,

    You have the fullest assurance from both my Relationship of Applicant and myself, which you can consider as a guarantee, that this is a request for a genuine, temporary visit and that we will abide by the terms of temporary visa issued and my son will conclude this visit successfully.
    Thank you for your favorable consideration of this request, and granting of a Super Visa to my Relationship of Applicant so she can fulfill my wish that she is given the opportunity to visit my home in Canada.
    Your Name
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  2. Thanks Toronto Y3K for taking time to post it.

    This will really help lot of people.


  3. Hi Thank you
    Its was great info
    Can you please tell about online submission.do i have to make an acount in my cic?
    Or its from my parents?
  4. You can apply online but you will submit the application on behalf of your parents. So when you answer the questions, you have to think from your parents point of view. Also you can save/modify your application online at anytime. When you log out, your application will be automatically saved. I think you have about 30 days (from the start date) to submit the application. Once you submit the application, you can not modify it. The application process will walk you through and ask all required documents to upload. Once you uploaded the documents correctly, you will see a check mark beside it to notify you it's successfully uploaded. It's pretty straight forward. Good luck.
  5. Thanks Toronto Y3K , very useful information and thanks for posting. I have a question. In form 5257E , under experience, my mom is a house wife and has never worked before so what should be entered there.
    Thanks for your support
  6. Hi Torontoy3k

    Great help Thanks..
    If you could answer the below
    1.If we apply online do you still need to courier and submit original documents like invitation letter etc?
    2. Which is better in terms of timelines online or paper application? I heard from few people that online application takes a longer time and they also ask you to send paper docs anyways.
    3. Is Certification of financial assets by a Chartered accountant mandatory or can we simply submit the copy of assets documents like bank statements, property documents etc?
    4. After obtaining the Visa and while traveling, is it mandatory to buy return tickets or single way ticket should be fine?

    Appreciate your help
  8. Thanks Buleg,

    1. So even the invitation letter can be uploaded? No original is needed ?

    2. You mentioned NOA , so what is that ?
  10. Sorry huzcan for late response. Buleg already answered all of your questions and he is right. I just have concern regarding the one way ticket. Sometimes the Border officer could ask more questions or give hard time if she/he only have one way ticket (again depends on Border officer). Also it might be cheaper to book return ticket with option to change the date in the future (for additional charge of $150 to $200). Anyways, do your calculation and think what's best for you.
  11. Thanks TorontoY3K

    1. Also few more question does she need to carry her proof of funds? If yes in which form? She does have around 5 K Cad in her bank would that be enough ? And does she need to bring it all here or can she carry her bank statement?
    2. Application asks for her duration of stay so since this is super Visa can she mention as 1 year ? and if she does will her stay be stamped only for a year or 2 year irrespective? We dont get return ticks for more than a year i believe.


  12. Hello everyone! :)

    Thanks, TorontoY3K for sharing. This will be a big help to everybody who are applying for super visa.

    I have a question. What if the parent/grandmother is already here in Canada holding a visitor visa. I will apply for super visa as extension of stay since Im helping my daughter in taking care of my grandson. Are we gonna use the same format? or the format you posted is applicable only for applying outside Canada?

    Thank you very much :)
  13. Another way is to contact Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre @ (905) 629-1873 and setup an appointment with one of the representative. She will write an invitation letter for you and also get attested by notary.

    This service is freeeeee.......... and they also do translation of any document for free as well.....

    Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre
    Address: 3650 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L4Y 3V9
    Phone:(905) 629-1873

  14. RE: huzcan

    Yes, you do have to show the funds back home. For my mom I only showed $3000 in funds. I know a family friend who applied without showing the fund back home and the visa was rejected for that reason. I think $5000 to $10,000 should be sufficient.

    For duration, you can put any amount but I have read in this forum that putting 6 months or so will have better chance. Either way super visa will be given until the passport expiry date so you don't have to worry about extending the visa.

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