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Study Permit Delay - May 3rd 2018

Discussion in 'International Students' started by ShubhamKapoor1999, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    I had applied for a study permit application from India via a consultant on May 3rd 2018. It is an online application, submitted on cic.gc.ca website. My application status says that I have passed everything, no background check required, but on the eligibility section it says they are reviewing my eligibility requirements and on the final decision it says "Your application is in progress. We will send you a message once the final decision has been made."

    I got my LOA (Letter of Acceptence) in March of this year for SDS filing in Douglas college and my classes are to commence on Sept. 3rd. The application status has been stuck for months and I am growing anxious everyday.

    My profile:
    IELTS: 8 bands
    +2: 75.2% Non-Med
    10: 8.6 CGPA
  2. I have a similar situation apart I am waiting since 24 May. I booked my flight for 17 August and school also starts on 3 September.
  3. @Duglas25 Let me know if you get any updates :(
  4. You are not alone. You have lots of company. Tons of April applicants are also waiting for their visas. Lots are waiting for 100+ Days.

    Canadian visa office is sleeping
  5. I get that I am not alone. But I am just trying to know what's happening. My medical and everything else passed within the first 2 weeks I am worried why is reviewing taking so damn long.
  6. Send webform, call them.
  7. Sent the webform, the automated message said they'll reply in 30 days. Unfortunately, I don't have that much time. Will try calling them.
  8. Webform is uselss. All you get is the standard "Your application is under process" message
  9. Really? man that's quite upsetting :(
  10. Hi Shubham! I contacted my university and informed them about the visa delays. They asked me to re-apply as I can not use deferral any more I used it once. I also filed case specific enquiry and I got automated message to wait for reply within 10 days. I am planning to wait another week and it will be more than 80 days wait time. If I do not hear any news, then I will change my flight and reapply uni for January 2019 intake. Then continue waiting and hoping!!! That's I can do now ... :)
  11. If you don't mind me asking, which university did you applied at? I am also thinking about a deferral but this will be first time so I hope they give me a seat in the next intake. I applied at Douglas College, BC.
  12. How can we handle this situation on ground about this delay in passport request over two months ? I applied since 3rd of May , passed medical July 7th and since then now update. Does it mean that the application is abandoned? Classes start by September 5th what if there is not update before 5th of September what will now be their final decision on the visa when classes have started ? Please kindly help with reply . Have we seen anyone who hasn't gotten any replied and his or her classes has started already?
  13. I am pretty sure deferral is our only option if we don't get approval in time. I have almost the same situation as Rick1685. I seriously hope I don't have to defer as a year will go wasted only because we weren't lucky enough to get visa in time :/
  14. Hmmmm.....
  15. I have deferred last year so I can't defer it again

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