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Study Permit Challenges for Nigerian Applicants

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Omofar, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Hello,
    My name is Brian and I applied for my student visa from Lagos Nigeria in late may 2018 and received a letter to submit my biometrics,i submitted my biometrics and did my medicals in Lagos, Nigeria on the 27th of June 2018.
    Since then I haven't gotten a reply and I linked my online account to the government of canada(gc key),there I checked the status of my application and it states that I have passed the medicals, my background check is being processed and all others are either being processed or not needed at all.
    I am really worried because my 1st and 2nd start date (september 2018 and january 2019) have passed leaving me with only one option may 2019 which is fast approaching, I have written thrice by email to them and what I get is an automatically generated email response and on the 2nd occasion I got a real email informing me that they are still processing my email and that the processing times it takes are just an average and not fixed and I should inform them if I no longer want a student visa
    With my application I also deposited proof of funds payed to the school which amount to 70% of my 1st year tuition fees(9726$)
    Lastly, a friend of mine whom we both got admission into the same university (university of Manitoba) applied for his student visa from Lagos Nigeria by mid September 2018 and got his visa approved on the 9th of January 2019
    Pls any advice for me would be welcome thank you very much
  2. Hello Brian,

    I am really sorry to hear about your current predicament. I hate it when the Canadian embassy does that. In my experience, when it takes this long for them to get back to you, it is not a good sign, please prepare your mind. But God can still do it for you. It is possible that your application did not demonstrate a strong intention to return to Nigeria upon completion of your studies, it could also be that your friend has a strong travel history and you don't have one, it could also be that they feel your sponsor's finances are not strong enough. It could be anything honestly.

    So keep hoping for the best and let me what the outcome is when you eventually get it.

    All the best.


  4. Hello house,

    Please I need urgent advice as per my proof of payment, just got an admission to Nova Scotia college.While part of my proof of fund is inform of treasury bill with the bank I work with...now my question is this can I show my T.bill certificate as part of proof of fund,and what is the chance of me getting my student visa approved as am the one sporsoring my self.
  5. Hello omofar
    For online application ,is adviceable to upload my original documents or certified documents by law court
  6. Hello Daddyjp,

    Thank you for stopping by.

    1.I believe what you are asking is about demonstrating your *ability* to fund your proposed study at Nova Scotia College. Here are a few tips for you.
    a) Pay tuition for at least 1 semester or a year if possible.
    b) For living costs you must have at least N3-5mm of disposable cash.
    c) Since you work with a Bank, you will need to show your salary account for at least 3-6 months, reference letter from your bank, your offer letter showing how much your total annual salary package is, your pay slips and proof of tax payment.
    d) Now to answer your question. Yes T.Bill certificate is acceptable. Any financial document that is verifiable would be acceptable to the VO

    2. With respect to your chances of getting a study permit, I can't say because I do not have full details of your personal profile, so unless I have that info, I cannot say. Just make sure you fill the forms as correctly and truthfully as possible.

    Wish you all the best.


  7. Hello Dompax,

    There is not need to certify any documents. In my experience I just upload all documents and make sure they are as clear as possible in pdf or jpeg formats. The embassy will still conduct their own verification, so certifying does not mean any thing.

    Wishing you the very best.

  8. @Omofar,
    Thank you for replying,

    Please what are the personal details you want..? i can provide you,once I have your contact
  9. Thanks for your reply am still trusting God and as for my travel history I have been to Dubai twice and I got a reply from someone else asking about the status of my review of eligibility and it says your application is in progress we will send you a message when we start reviewing your eligibility .I hope this helps
    Lastly I just remembered that around September/october, me my mother and my sister applied for us visitors visa and were denied could this have an impact on it even tho my Canadian student visa was already being processed before that
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  10. Daddyjp,

    That is a whole lot. Please see the message I responded to someone else in a similar situation on another thread.

    Your academic profile is impressive, well done. Age and Travel history are points of concern. I will try to suggest what you can do to navigate your situation.

    1. Sponsorship Letter- I will send a simple format to you through personal messaging.

    2. It is very excellent that you have a job that pays you. At least you will be demonstrating to the VO that you are valued in Nigeria and have strong potential to grow, hence an indication to show that you may intend to return, but I will get back to that!

    3. Here is the complex part, please try to follow, so you don't make mistakes.
    a) You need to convince the VO of 3 basic things to get your study permit approved. I will take them one after the other.

    i) Clear purpose of visit- In your case its your intention to study as evidenced by your excellent academic achievements, and letter of admission into a Canadian DLI. So for this I score you and A-minus.

    ii) Ability to Fund item (i)- You must be able to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that you can afford to pay for your tuition fees and every other associated fees during your stay in Canada. Here I have a few problems. It appears your sponsor is a third party. With the current economic situation in Nigeria, the VO will wonder why a third party would be willing to spend so much on your studies. This could raise a red flag. You have to be able to demonstrate to the VO that you have has a 'long' term relationship with this person, and that is why he/she has vested interested in helping you reach your maximum potential in life. Also what is the source of income of the sponsor, working class, or self employed. The person must be able to show a viable and verifiable source of income.Finally, I would suggest you pay at least your tuition fees for 1st semester if possible, you pay for the whole session. This will show/demonstrate to the VO that your sponsor is indeed willing to invest in your education. In this area I score you a C+ (if you can get the sponsor to pay for tuition fee upfront, having the money in the bank account is no longer sufficient these days).

    iii) Intention to return to home country on completion of item (i)- Bros, this is the hardest part to consider. Lets say you scale through items i and ii, you must scale this as well. With respect to your work experience- you don't have a lot, its not really a bad thing, but is your work experience related to your future studies, or just a stop gap job, you did not specify that here? Age- You are at an age or demographic is considered a high risk. These are highly young, mobile, Nigerians, who do not have a lot of prospects back in their country, hence wanting to use the study permit as a route to permanently settle into Canada. The Study permit is a permit that has what is called Dual Intent (both intention to study and and intention to settle). Even though you are emphasizing the fact that you want to study, the VO will look at your profile and could make a decision whether you will come back or not. Travel History- Bros, at 27 and no travel history to any developed country is a very high risk factor. If you had travel you can 'shakara' the VO that I have been to US, UK, Dubai, I did not over stay my visa, I came back home. This gives you credibility. But in your case, there is no precedence to measure what you would do. Here you wil lneed to write a solid SOP that will show that you have some novel invetion you will like to come back to Nigeria to implement. e.g you can focus on how you have interest in renewable energy technologies that will help resolve the power problems in Nigeria. how you hope to start-up a small business that would be involved in such practices. So with respect to Item iii, I would score you a D.

    Now this is just my honest assessment based on personal experience. There is a factor you I have not put in here. It is called Divine Favor factor.

    Please try to put all the aforementioned in place, then pray well, and God will see you through.

    All the best.


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  11. Hello Brian,

    I cannot say. I am aware that embassies share information with one another. In my experience, one of my clients who had a US visa got her permit in less than a month. So that really matters a lot. But I honestly cannot say what is causing the delay. I know it is hard, but please try and stay positive and hope for the best.


  12. Please can one do medical outside the home country?
  13. Hi Omofar,

    So mine is an issue to be clarified, thank you in advance for your invaluable assistance. So i applied last year around July 25th for a Sept 2018 intake. I applied to the school earlier in May and got my LOA in June so i submitted my application in July. After which i never heard from them so i sent couple of mails to CIC and they eventually responded in Sept close to the school deadline. However, i had to deferr to Sept 2019 and sent the deferral letter to CIC. Visa finally got approved in Oct 31 (still bearing the original course duration date). My questions are:

    1. I plan to travel in August, hope that's not to late?
    2. My Study visa still takes into consideration the initial start and end date - can i reapply for an extension when i get there?
    3. I have explored travel options and am thinking of going in through Detroit border since i still have a valid US visa, will i be able to achieve this as a cheaper option as a first timer in Canada? Detroit is closer to my school in Windsor.\

    Many thanks in advance for your invaluable support.


  14. Hi
    Hi Brian,

    Mine took quite long too. I will advice you write again using the appropriate web form. If they say they are still working on it then they are really. Sometimes it takes forever with the Canadian embassy but when they come through, they actually do. Mine took like 2months after I had surpassed the initial deadline and yet they kept assuring me that they are working on it. Until i finally got my visa. In all it took me 4months. I'm a stickler for pressing on, until you get what you want. Especially when you have done what you need to do.
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    Hello Omofar,

    Thank you so much for doing this. I have found your responses to people's queries to be extremely insightful and I am hoping you can give some perspective to my predicament.

    The first challenge I'm having has to do with my CAQ application. If you have insights into this, I would very much appreciate it. I applied on 28/02/19 and according to the courier service I used, my file was delivered on 05/03/19. Nevertheless, my online CAQ application has not been updated with "file received" and i am getting extremely worried because my school resumes at the beginning of June! When do you think I can expect them to update my online application and give me a CAQ?

    The second challenge I am having has to do with proof of financial capacity. I have applied for a student loan from prodigy finance to cover my tuition balancebut I was wondering if me using loans would be a disadvantage in my study permit application. I know of people that have used loans and have gotten visa to school in the US but i dont know of Canada.

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