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Study Permit Challenges for Nigerian Applicants

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Omofar, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Hello Nuel182,

    Thanks for visiting.

    Good question you have here. I will do my best to assist.

    Firstly, I would advise you simply do an online application. Just my own suggestion.

    Secondly, apart from JAMB wahala, what else were you doing, did you attend computer literacy classes, sports, gyms, etc Please let me know. Saying you were waiting for admission may not be a suitable answer enough. The embassy will want to know what you were doing while waiting.. All the best.


  2. I did computer lesson and more of helped out my father in his business.
    How'd I put the Sop?
  3. Great!

    You can try this:

    Following the completion of my high school studies, I was not clear on which undergraduate program I wanted to pursue as I had quite of ideas (you can of the choices you had in mind here) in mind. Since my dad had is own company/business, he suggested that I get some work experience while thinking through my decision. Fortunately, I was able to get to work as a (put what you were doing here), for (put how long here). I was able to learn the value of hard work, dignity of labour and the true value of money. I then followed this up by pursuing a computer literacy course in (put whatever the name of course was is here) to improve on computer literacy skills. This journey took me about (put the number of months) after which I became clear on the choice of course I wished to pursue. I then applied to the University of (name of the university here) for a course in (put the name of the course here). I am confident that the quality of education I will acquire in Canada will give me a lot of leverage and international exposure that will enable stand out within my field of interest when I return home to engage in gainful employment. In the near future, I plan to start my own (type of firm) firm like my dad.

    Please note that the above is just an idea, and the SOP alone does not guarantee your chances of getting a study permit approval. If you require professional assistance in helping you in packaging your application, you can DM me and we can talk more.

    All the best.


  4. Sorry just seeing this. DLI means Designated Learning Institution.

    Not all academic Institutions are eligible to recruit international students into Canada. Hence only DLIs can do so.

    Hope that clarifies that info for you.

    All the best


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  5. I disagree with her mom paying the school fees unless he establishes tha it is refundable. I experienced that first hand in 2016 when I paid a one year tuition fee and had my visa denied I lost all the money and still have to pay another acceptance fee the following year before repackaging the application.
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    Hello worshipper,

    Thanks for your post. However, I find your story quite far-fetched.

    Are you talking about a Canadian Institution that is a DLI that refuses to refund all your money after you have proved that your visa was refused? I have been in this business since 2013, never have I had trouble withdrawing funds from a Canadian DLI on grounds of visa refusal. I know they will charge about $200CAD admin fee for the refund but that is already stated within the withdrawal policy. In fact most withdrawal policies are such that when a student has even gotten their permits, and are in Canada already and have only attended lectures for a specified period of time and then decide to quit the program, they are entitled to get their full refund. So name the school here, I will investigate why... I will rather pay money to a Canadian DLI and go to sleep than borrow my neighbor money. The reason is simple. I am 100% certain that I will get the refund back!

    For others reading this, the Canadian study permit approval rates for Nigerians as at 2017 is less than 15%, by now it will be about 10%, 2018 report is not yet out. What is the implication of this, it means if 1,000 people apply for study permits from Nigeria only 100 will get their visas approved. This means you must do everything necessary to convince the VO of 3 basic things

    1. Clear purpose of visit- Study via your LOA

    2. Ability to Fund item (1)- Best you pay at least a semester, if you were working with me, I would demand you pay for a year, or else I would not touch your application. Even this is not a Guarantee, but its better than not paying at all.

    3. Intention to return to home country after studies- This is the trickiest part of any Canadian study permit.

    Many people do not actually have the funds, they just get a third party to put money in their accounts for them to present to the VO, well the embassy is very aware of this fact, and unless your parents are well known multimillionaires, just showing bank statement in an account will not convince the VO that the funds are actually at your disposal when it is time to put in the application. Please note that one of the major reasons it takes forever to get your study permit decision is the amount of investigation the VO is doing on your application and documents submitted, as well as background checks on source of income.

    In the end its your choice, if you choose, pay your tuition, if you like don't pay, wetin your see, na you know.


  7. Can someone kindly let me know the documents needed for online application. Thanks in advance
  8. Good day Sir, I would like to have your email address. Thanks
  9. Good info and advise.
  10. She was earlier refused twice , but presently VO requested for new offered letter since the previous one has expired. She was asked to update it on CIC portal before a timeframe given. Although the school didn't realized the offered letter but instead sent a mail that her application has been moved to advance entry program because she has attended post secondary institutions and will be considered for admission for that. This is the mail sent / updated to VO on her portal and it was before the deadline. Is there hope
  11. Hello Favourboy,

    Only God can give you hope and assurances. Nevertheless, the most important thing the VO wants to see is sincerity. Once you are truthful that all the information you have provided besides the updated offer letter, then it should't be a problem. Now recall that she has been denied visa twice, and that by itself is not a good sign. It could mean there are other things you might not be addressing besides the offer letter. Please make sure all these issues have already been and God willing everything will be fine.

    All the best.


  12. HELLO
    i need help interpreting my Caips/GCMS Notes recently received as my application for study permit is way pass normal processing time i applied since July 2018, thanks
  13. Hi GloDiva,

    Can you kindly post what the notes say here. Though I doubt it will be on any real significance. The embassy will NEVER release notes to the public that will undermine its procedures and decision making.


  14. Cool, thanks for the advise, But as interesting as it sounds, it's not easy to get a visiting visa to Canada without being invited. So if considering applying Inside Canada, how can one get a visiting visa?
  15. Hello Joe-82,

    Thank you for visiting this thread, I hope well.

    Your query is not clear to me.

    You said something about the ease or lack thereof of getting a tourist visa without being invited, then you went on to say you are considering applying inside, then you now went on to ask how can one get a visiting visa?

    Perhaps if you expatiate on your current situation, I may be able to help you better. Are in Nigeria now or in Canada, if in Canada on what permit are you currently on, what kind of permit are you looking to switch to.

    While I may be able to offer advise or steer you in the right direction, my area of expertise is applying for either study permit or tourist visa from Nigeria.

    All the best.



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