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Study Permit Challenges for Nigerian Applicants

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Omofar, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Greetings!

    If you are interested in hearing the truth, and still ready to proceed despite the challenges, you are welcome here. If you want to be pampered, please go elsewhere.

    I am here offer advise to anyone who is Nigerian and needs assistance in navigating the dangerous waters of Canadian study permit application. Identify what the problem might be and how to possibly over come them.

    It would be better to come here before you apply, rather than after you have applied, it might be too late to assist you then. Also, never rush to put in an application, if you are rejected once, your chances of being rejected a second time increases by about 60-70%.

    Looking forward to assisting anyone with question here.

    You are welcome.

  2. So what's your advice ,I want you to teach me on how to post the proof of fund. I've already received acceptance letter from my y
  3. Hi Dipsonbaba,

    Hope well. You are welcome to this forum, I hope to assist you the best I can, and its for free! First thing you should know is that study permit approval rates for Nigerians to Canada as at 2017 is less than 15%, that means if 100 people apply for study permit from Nigeria, only 15 will get a study permit, most of the time its due to proof of financial funds that are either insufficient or in-genuine. So your application has to be tight!

    3 things you need to prove to the Canadian visa officer

    1. Clear purpose of visit

    2. Prove of funds to facilitate item 1

    3. Clear intention to return to home country.

    2 & 3 are the tricky parts. So I am going to ask you straight away, who is your sponsor, and do you really think they can afford to make the payment?

    So can I have a bit more details about your background. Degree completed, degree being pursued in Canada, you age estimate( late twenties etc), work experience, sponsor's financial standing (struggling, okay or pepper rest).. Based on that I will be able to advise you further.


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  4. Thanks so much. I have completed an higher National diploma in Nigeria and I want to pursue a degree program in Canada. I am 23. My mum can still provide a bank statement having a balance of 7million ( that's untouched for 4 months).

    Other questions
    1) is there need to upload my own bank statement too if my mum would be standing in as sponsorer
    2) Does she need to write any letter attesting that she would my sponsorer
    3) Can statement of account only be enough to convince officer as a proof of funds

  5. Based on the information you have provided, I think there is much hope for you to get your visa. You have the right age and already have an HND, so good for you. It also looks like your mum is in a good financial position to help you, but I will need to probe that a bit further. So here is my advice

    1. I will suggest your mum pays at least your first semester school fees, then get the official receipt from the school. This will demonstrate to the visa officer that indeed your mum is serious about sponsoring you and it is not that she just put money in the account like that (or did she?)

    2. She needs to demonstrate convincingly what her source of income is. Is she employed or self employed. Let me know and I will advise on other documents she will need to provide.

    3. The letter of financial support is very important

    4. State of account alone is not sufficient.

    If you would like me to sort it out for your professionally, let me know.

    I charge a minimal fee.


  6. 1) No, the money in her account is hers
    2) she is self employed but her business is not registered with CAC.So, which document can use to back up her income

    Guiding me would be better for experience purpose. However, you can drop your contact so that I could recommend a reward for you for your advice after the succes of everything.
  7. Based on your last response, I feel you can go ahead. But your mum's business not being registered with CAC, it will be difficult to show a verifiable proof of her income. Does she have like invoices or receipts from her clients, she needs to show that the funds are really generated from genuine business transactions.

    I wish you all the best.


  8. Hi Omofar.
    Thanks for the willingness to help. Please can you advise on how to make application to the VO irresistibly .
  9. You are welcome Onyeomanacanada.

    Please clarify what you mean by irresistibly.

    Also have you read some of the points i raised with Dipsonbaba, please do and let me know what you would like me to assist you with specifically.

    All the best.


  10. My daughter was refused deferral, because she is attending post secondary school here in Nigeria in order not to stay idle. The first admission expired because she was refused visa twice. This time the CIC send her mail since her admission has expired since January 2019 to represent new offered letter, but the University refused her new one despite the facts that it's written in her letter that she can defer. The timeframe given to her by CIC is expiring in a week time. She has applied to another school but the admission processing time can't meet up with the timeframe.
    What should I write to VO to convince them the admission is under processing. So that she will not missed the opportunity of getting visa
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  11. Greetings Favourboy,

    I think you have taken some good steps in helping your daughter prepare for studies in Canada, especially with the post-secondary program she is attending, it will give her more footing when she gets to Canada. It might be difficult to convince the VO that admission is still in process. Technically, your daughter should have a current admission offer in place before applying for a study permit. So the VO may argue based on that and advise you reapply when you have a current offer in place for your daughter. I would encourage you to still send the email to them and hope for the best. But based on your interaction with them, it appear that is the only issue. I will also suggest you post the content of the refusal letter here so that we can look at it together and find a way forward.

    In the end you might still have to re-apply if your explanation is unacceptable.

    Wish you the best, let us know how it goes.


  12. Not being rejected.
  13. Hello Onyeomanacanada,

    I have just responded to your personal message, we can continue the conversation there.


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  14. Hi,i'm 18+ and I have 2years+ gap after high school in 2016,so I applied and got admission this January for UG in U of R,may intake.. reason for the gap is due to Jamb wahala...how do I explain this gap in my sop?

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