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Student Visa June 2019 (PH)

Discussion in 'International Students' started by gwentysomething, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. Thank you ..☺️☺️
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  2. When cic drop any message on gc key account ..then they also sent automated mail on gmail id .. which is filled in Apllication ..???? Please tell me
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  3. Can you share po your SOP? Thanks!
  4. Tomorrow is a Friday - usually updates are happening on this day! Hope for the best and if a door closes, another one opens!
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  5. Yes they will send an email but I think it's only for passport request..... During my medicals cleared update no emails were sent to me... When I logged in my gckey account I found out medicals cleared
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  6. applied in june 18th from usa
    applied 18th june
    biometrics 19th july
    as of now no reply, waiting for positive decision.
  7. So I got an email update saying that there is no update yet on my application. Isn't it funny? Haha
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  8. Thank you .. I'm too much scared today s Friday ...hope for the best ..(27th June done my biometric .)..
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  9. Any update guys for June/ July applicants?

  10. No updates yet. I already tendered my 30 days notice (revokable, just in case there's a need to adjust) at work.
  11. Same here. I resigned too & final day 2nd week of August. Hoping to get an update this July! Can't wait to book for ticket hahaha :)
  12. Oh. Will there be a time that the embassy will ask for you current work? I mean, will they check for the background?

  13. Dude I mentioned I am currently working for a company but I have already left that company.... During background verification will they check with my company even for the study permit applicants

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