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Student Visa June 2019 (PH)

Discussion in 'International Students' started by gwentysomething, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. Congratulations!! :D
  2. Congratulations! :))
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  3. Applied online(SDS)-18th June 2019
    Biometric on -21st June 2019
    Correspond letter on - 6th July 2019(4:25am)
    Visa letter - same day (4:27am)

    Hope everyone get good response.
  4. Hii guys i have applied student vise on 27 may online and i recieve my correspondance lettr on 10 june but since 8 july on more updates about ny application what can i do...
  5. Hey guyz.... I applied on June 1st and biometrics on June 4th and still waiting
    What can I do??
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  6. Sino pa po dito ang approved na ang visa application pero wAla pa sa kanila ang kanilanv passport?
  7. Ilang days ba sinisend ng canDian embassy ang passport sa vfs global na meron nang tatak?
  8. Hey did you get ur visa
  9. regular stream?
  10. its okay, I think a lot of us are still waiting :) We should hear from the embassy soon :)

  11. Hi bruh, Yaeh it's sds online and still waiting....its been 35 days
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  12. Hi,

    I applied for a study permit for my 2 minor kids May 30, got their med request June 1, completed their medical exam June 4 but still no update up to now.
  13. Pls can you explain how you did this. I presume you have study permit already right? So how did you tailor their application without your spouse? What and what did you submit to support their application?
  14. I am currently in Canada on a Restricted Work permit my wife is back in the Ph and has an OWP already but has not travelled yet as we are waiting for the result for our kids (application was not sent at the same time - all sponsored by me)
  15. When you say Visa letter you mean you got the pssport request on the same day?
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